Drone 1, chapter 1

Nikki Caetano is taking on the Queen Bee challenge, because I haven’t had enough fun playing with my SP sims as yet. Her traits aren’t exactly perfect for a QB, but that’s half the fun.

While we do have a Hive House ready, she can’t afford it quite yet, so we start with this little one, made by Loverdag as part of his Hidden Springs makeover. Yes, I thought it was fitting that she begins here – though this version of Nikki is
not the one who completed the Immortal Teen Challenge.

As per her wishes, she joins the Law Enforcement career first. Since she’s a Queen Bee, she will not be staying at home with the children; that’s what baby sitters and drones are for!

Then it’s off to the park to meet some sims!

Her drones will be SP sims I have created (some of whom you may have already seen in Last Man Standing, my bachelorette challenge). The first Nikki meets is Pete Tomaszewski.

Heartfarts are a good sign!

Before long they’re gossiping like old friends.

He runs off to work, but not before Nikki rolls up this wish. I’m going to let her decide the order of the drones, and when they have children; she won’t just be pumping them out in the shortest period possible.

She needs logic for her job, so cons Mike into a game of chess.

Then helps herself to someone’s picnic.

Back home, she plants the seeds she found at the park. Got to get started on her gardening skill if she’s going to be able to make ambrosia one of these days.

The other two drone options are both firefighters, so that’s where Nikki goes to meet them. Mike is now a genie.

And Dylan is a fairy. She got to know the two of them over a video game, but didn’t roll up any wishes concerning either of them. So I guess Pete will be the first drone.

With that in mind, she invites him out to the summer festival. They took a greeting card photo, but then he ran off “to work”.

Only when she followed him home, he was still there? She wasn’t too fussed, putting the moves on him right away.

He was very receptive.

But when I left them to their own devices, he went right back to friendly interactions. Oh Pete, seems he doesn’t know how to flirt in any save file. She did get him to move in, however.

Here is Pete’s trait card; he’s not exactly the most paternal type, but hey.

Because she wished it, and because I haven’t travelled with a sim for a long while, Nikki and Pete go to Egypt. The scenery is so pretty here!

Egypt spam:

It was only a short, 3-day trip, but we got a decent haul of gems and such. This is the main point of adventuring; to get enough money to afford the Hive House I built/redecorated for her.

In the two day cool off, Nikki spends some time getting to know the next two drones. Dylan has a good sense of humour, so jokes work well on him.

She and Mike both share a Commitment Phobic trait, so they quickly became friends as well.

Meanwhile, Pete has started on his fishing skill; his task will be to catch some deathfish for ambrosia.

For the second trip, we went to China so Pete could get started on the Martial Arts skill.

Apparently I didn’t take any other pictures, but he made it to green belt (L4) in the first 3 days.

He also bought a board breaker to play with at home.

Nikki spends half her time cutting gems; she knows the heart-shaped cut already.

But it does reap some good rewards.

Though I turned off the ability to go steady/get married for the other drones, that doesn’t stop them from procreating. Good to know their swimmers are good 😉

Back to Egypt, and this gorgeous shot with the flame fruit.

Oops, guess I should have had Nikki training athletic.

No matter, we got to the Soulpeace Statue in plenty of time.

China one last time; Pete is now up to L6 in Martial Arts and working on the Board Breaker skill challenge.

I hate this tomb, such a maze.

Poor Nikki didn’t have much fun this trip.

Back home (for good this time), Nikki now needs reports, so rummages in the trash until she finds dirt.

Pete is still working on his fishing skill.

She does also question people in the normal way.

We brought home a sarcophagus, and it’s here that Nikki and Pete choose to have some fun.

Time to get this challenge underway!

I believe this is L5?

These wishes are great, shows me how much they are worth. They need $235k for the Hive House; almost there!

First nooboo is on board!

And Nikki has maxed out her first skill. This is so handy for reporting; when combined with the Observant LTR, you can get enough information from a few questions to befriend the sim and write a thorough report on them.

These two do still get time together.

Too bad we don’t get points for drones maxing skills.

Both Pete and Nikki got promotions on their next shift, which pushed the cash up enough that they were finally able to afford the house.

Snow-covered winter night shot, but still pretty.

Lower level; kitchen at the back, dining room in the middle. Living room on the left, nursery on the right.

Upstairs; miscellaneous skilling in the centre, Nikki’s room and ensuite to the left, kids’ dorm to the right. I added some all-in-one bathrooms, since the house only had two, and we’re about to fill it with kids.

Not two hours in the new house and Nikki is in labour! Nice timing!

Pete autonomously decided to take her to hospital, so sure. Future babies will have to be born in the house unless there are teens to take care of the babies.

First child is a baby boy, Felix! He’s Friendly and Athletic, and likes aqua and some other things.
Pete’s ancestry is Polish, so his children will have names with Polish origins.


Sim Nano count:
Words: 1042
Pics: 63

3 thoughts on “Drone 1, chapter 1

    1. I’d suggest travelling with a fairly new family; it bogs down the save quite a bit, and can cause issues in older saves. I like to get it out of the way early, then I can clean up the save and continue on.


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