Drone 3, chapter 1

Previously, Nikki finally had some girls with Mike and completed her tasks with her second drone.

Nikki finishes her work day before she goes to meet her next drone; and earns her final promotion to top the Military career! Completing the LTW for that as well.

She also moves one step closer to omni plants.

Out on the town, we spot Emilia, Nikki’s eldest daughter, and her toddler daughter Alecia. Who looks nothing like her mother, but oh well.

Nikki and Emilia chat a little… not sure where the toddler went, lol.

At the firehouse, Dylan and Nikki immediately begin flirting.

First kiss happens uber quickly.

And Nikki wants to keep on rolling. She already seems to like Dylan the best out of the first three drones; she’s rolled about 5 wishes for him already.

So I figure, why not. In the fire chief’s private bathroom, because she’s classy like that.

A minute later Dylan has moved in and I notice his athletic skill challenges are glitched to completion. He’s at level 1 of the skill, yet has somehow completed all 3 challenges?

Since there are no more children in the house, we’re off to France! Spam of the adventures over there:

Including an underwater zombie. As you do.

I figured it was high time we took on some professions. Having both of them in the same profession is sure to make things easier.

Nikki maintains the fire engine while Dylan makes friends with his co-workers.

Within a few hours she’s at L2.

Dylan goes off to fight a fire at Pete’s house.

While I peruse his relationship panel. He has three RIs other than Nikki; not as bad as Mike.

After work, Nikki harvests the cheese plants.

And completes two of the gardening skill challenges while she’s at it.

It doesn’t take Mike long to find a new love. I sterilised him via SP, so he’s not contributing any more to the town’s gene pool.

Cara has also found love at long last.

While Chaos and Moshe seem to be going strong.

Dylan goes off to break up with all of his RIs.

And we’re off to China. Nikki is slowly working on the travelling LTWs in between drones.

Yes, Dylan came too; mainly to collect stuff and practise his fairy auras.

And to keep Nikki’s social up 😉

We finally got Pangu’s Axe, woot!

When we get home, it’s baby time! Nikki rolls up a wish to woohoo with Dylan practically every time he walks into the room. We’ve been doing risky, but it hasn’t stuck yet. So now it’s a TFB.

Simultaneous workouts, aided by fairy aura.

And Nikki has topped out the career. So fast, these professions.

Baby pop at work means no more jobs for Nikki for a while.

Dylan still is, though.

His LTW is to save 50 lives, so I may as well start on it – whether it is completed or not, it doesn’t really matter.

Before the first baby arrives, Dylan and Nikki take a quick trip to the festival.

Paired greeting card.

Ares now has an RI.

Almost as soon as they get home, it’s baby time!

A girl!

Correction: it’s our first set of triplets! A girl and two boys; Anika, Isaac and Noah. I’ll give you their traits and such when they age up and we can tell them apart. Dylan’s surname is Dutch, so his kids with have common Dutch names.

Dylan was called to a fire while Nikki was in labour.

He saved another couple of lives.

Then comes home to play with the nooboos.

Nikki has done a lot of athletic skilling, but I don’t know that she maxed it? Or maybe I missed the screenshot.

Not entirely sure why this is here… maybe she’s working on the Chess Master LTW? The perils of taking pics months before posting. This guy has the colouring of one of Mike’s kids, possibly Chaos?

Toddler time! This is Noah, he’s a Genius with a Good Sense of Humour who likes Blue. He has Nikki’s hair, eyes and skintone.

Isaac also has all of Nikki’s colouring. He’s Friendly and Eccentric and likes Turquoise.

Anika has all Dylan’s colouring and likes Grey. She’s Brave and Loves the Cold. And she’s human, not a fairy like the boys.

Toddler training begins in earnest.

With triplets, we had to use the skilling objects.

But the ones that their parents rolled wishes for were done in person.

It’s a hectic 3 days, but eventually all the training is done, and the toddlers are left to their skilling.

Some updates on the kids out of the nest: Cara now has a steady boyfriend.

Hannah and Stefan are still in love with their respective partners.

But Ares is yet to find The One.

Nikki apparently switched to the Culinary career, and has received two promotions already. We need that fridge!

With the triplets now skilled and both Dylan and Nikki rolling continuous wishes for one another, it’s time for baby #4!


Sim Nano:

Words: 818
Pics: 74

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