Drone 4, chapter 3

WAIT, read the previous chapter first.

Chris is eating jellybeans.

On fire, oh noes!

Holli Moore is one of Mike’s kids with another woman; a genie, considering Mike is dead and she’s still an adult. Totally not incest.

Again, I neglected to write down the name, but she accepted Seb’s flirts.

And his invitation to prom.

Miss Artistic finally found the easel. Took her long enough.

This guy’s name I did write down; he’s Aaron Hartley.

Helped by her wishes.

He agreed to go to prom with her, too.

She manages to become his girlfriend before they even kiss. Even though they kiss during the interaction, it doesn’t fulfil the wish?

Odette really likes him, check out all her wishes.

He ducked inside, but she followed him to catch that first kiss.

Odile aged up; he has Nikki’s hair and Chris’ eyes and skintone.

He’s put to work teaching himself how to walk.

After her first day in the gardening career, she’s up to L8. Now the grind to L10 begins.

Making nectar in the rain.

Good thing it cleared up for Love Day.

This will probably be Chris’ last greeting card; it will only be around 4 days before Odile ages up to child.

Sydney hunts eggs.

Odette gets her face painted.

While the boys play horseshoes.

Nikki and Chris both wished to kiss someone, so why not each other.

Love tester; I was not expecting uncontrollable with these two, they’re not nearly as passionate together as Nikki was with Dylan.

Naw, slow dance.

Apparently, it was also prom. And we finally learn the name of Seb’s prom date; Marianne.

And it’s Adam’s birthday as well. So many things happening on the same day. His child trait is Adventurous.

The updated wall of greeting cards. Some of our drones last longer than others.

Eros had triplets! All girls, no less.

Progress on the bottomless nectar cellar. We have sufficient value, now to get up the rest of the bottles.

Cutie Odile on the xylo. His onesie reads ‘Lil Bro’.

Apparently, triplets aren’t keeping Eros and Iris busy enough; they’re pregnant again.

As are Anika and her husband.

I didn’t even realise this was a thing; gardening hero trophy?

Chris teaches Odile his last toddler skill on a full moon night.

Another LTW completed!

Odile’s turn for the books.

Nikki manages to find a bench outside but still on the same lot as the library. Not sure why she chose that one, but hey.

Odette has topped out the dancing.

Had enough gardening pics yet?

Adam is the latest child to become addicted to jellybeans. From his thought bubbles, he’s had a terrifying one.

A lucky one, and another that causes him to pee himself.

Chris topped out the medical career.

And celebrates with Nikki.

Teenager time! Sydney’s new trait is Shy. She’s all Nikki, with Chris’ ears and mouth.

Scott’s is Over Emotional. He has Chris’ eye shape and mouth, everything else is Nikki. They’re both a good mix!

Nikki maxed out photography via tabcasts.

And promptly completes the Visionary LTW.

Now she’s onto sculpting.

But first, we bought some LTR for her to get some more unique upgrades.

Sydney is apparently learning to drive like this?

Better when you’re in the car, though.

Odile is now a child, so Chris’ time in the house is coming to an end.

I missed the breakup shot, but she then wished to be friends with Chris, so we use the moodlet manager to cure his broken heart moodlet.

But he’s still not interested in being friendly.

Nikki also rolled some wishes for Odile. First a chat.

Then a hug.

Then she begins the work towards the logic skill challenges, tutoring Odile at school.

Until Chris comes down to insult her. And I decide it’s time for them to move out.

Words: 633
Pics: 65

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