Drone 5, chapter 1

Previously, Chris’ final child aged up to child and he was not happy when Nikki broke up with him.

Anika had her baby, while Ares impregnated another woman.

The last WA LTW to complete is Martial Arts Master, so Nikki makes one last trip to China.

Spam of her ranked sparring matches:

We had some issues with some sims being duplicated: the girl inside has the same name and face as the girl Nikki is talking to outside. Resetting her (soft and hard) did nothing, nor did resetting all sims using the in-game cheat code. Reset Everything using nraas MC fixed it, thank goodness.

During the really early morning hours, when Nikki can’t ask her way into people’s houses, she meditates; working on the other martial arts skill challenges.

As always, the last person to beat is an elder. But she managed it on the first try. Throughout the entire tournament, she only lost once. There is something to be said for maxing out the skill before beginning on the tournament path.

And that will be it for Nikki’s travelling (in this challenge, anyway).

Kate McGregor will be our next drone, Nikki’s first female drone (but not the last!).

Because she and Nikki are already friends, it takes next to no time to get her to move in.

Her traits aren’t exactly interesting, but she’d be a good career woman. Seems these two will be hiring babysitters a bit.
She came in with L5 of the Business career; her LTW is to reach L9.

And the very first autonomous thing she does when she gets to the hive house is to work from home.

Nikki interrupts to ask about her gender preference… maybe she slept first? I can’t remember why she changed into PJs.

Kate is straight, but Nikki doesn’t care.

Kate accepts the flirts easily. No, Nikki does
not have the Master of Seduction LTR, because I do want her to have a chance to fail.

And romantic interests!

This is the only wish that Nikki rolled up. Better than nothing, I guess?

Since it’s the weekend and almost Leisure Day, Kate and Nikki go to the festival.

Solo greeting card.

The two of them play soccer together. Unsurprisingly, Nikki is amazing and Kate sucks.

Then they go skating. Nikki has maxed skating skill, so shows off her backwards moves while Kate struggles around.

Nikki bought a professional bar, so she can work on the Master Mixologist LTW.

But we interrupt the skilling for some romance!

And to show off the fishes growing on our omni plants!

On the actual Leisure Day, Nikki wants to throw a pool party, so we do that.

The guest list is mostly Nikki’s kids, with some new neighbours.

The Maitlands are here! Robyn and Donovan choose to woohoo instead of socialising.

Nikki plays with her kids in the sprinkler.

She then tutors Viola Maitland in… a skill, can’t remember which. Working on the logic skill challenges.

Many of the guests went swimming. Kate is an amazing diver – that’s her at the top of the picture, doing a flip.

When 5pm came and the consignment money came in, Nikki topped out the gardening career.

We have a baby pop.

And back to sculpting.

For three days, apparently, because my next picture is Nikki in labour.

It’s a baby boy.

Twin boys, actually. Meet Jim and Craig. Kate was born in England, so her naming theme is traditional English names.

Boop! Parenting complete.

With Nikki no longer pregnant, she’s able to switch careers; it’s time for painting.

Back to skilling; Nikki on drinks.

And Kate on the training dummy.

As expected, in a single day, Nikki tops out the painting career.

Onto the next; Criminal this time.

Apparently I was wrong, this is Kate making it to L3 of the Business career.

Nikki is jailed on her very first day. This might be a long career.

Eros is engaged!

Toddler time! This is Craig, he’s Clumsy and Hot-Headed and he likes White.

Jim is a Daredevil who Loves the Cold and likes Blue.

A snuggle for a lonely Jim.

Then training begins.

A babysitter is hired while both mums are at work. She’s rather ineffective. If you feed him, he might stop screaming!

Good thing the boys can entertain themselves. They both love chewing things.

When the ladies come home, they take some time for themselves.

Then it’s back to toddler training.

And we’re now done.

Kate got another promotion.

Nikki popped with pregnancy #2.

The boys did their toddler books.

Then get to know one another by the dollhouse.

I was so involved with skilling the boys that we almost forgot the fall festival!

The ladies sneak a greeting card.

Just in time! It’s a baby girl this time.

No, it’s triplets! Two boys and a girl; Andrew, Jasper and Ivy.

Kate wanted to snuggle both the boys.

Nikki has finally rolled up another wish for Kate; this is her second ever.

Instead, they’re going to spar.

Which has the double effect of helping Kate raise her martial arts skill faster than the solo skilling items, and also upping Nikki’s spar count for the challenge.

When Kate is out, Nikki goes back to mixology.

And she tops the skill.

Which means she’s completed another LTW!


Words: 859
Pics: 85

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