Drone 7, chapter 1

It’s been far too long since the last post, and I apologise. Get ready for some more Nikki shenanigans.

I caught Nikki just before she aged up to YA; she uses another Fountain of Youth elixir to begin her YA days once more. Yes, I could get her an Age Freeze potion, but where’s the fun in that?

It’s time for a free clinic. Including some of her children with Robert. I do have to wonder why they aren’t at school, though; it is the middle of the day.

When she gets back to the hospital, there’s another patient waiting for her.

And she successfully diagnoses this one as well.

I told you the eldest kids weren’t far away from YA. They aged up and Lucia is immediately engaged.

The next afternoon, Nikki gets her final promotion to World Renown Surgeon, topping the medical career and completing the LTW.

She switches over to Illustrious Author for the complete as well.

And moves into the Sculpting career.

Then it’s off to the library to meet the next drone. This is Bec Brown; you may remember her from Last Man Standing, she was my bachelorette. Now, she’s been ghostified and will be Nikki’s seventh drone.

Befriending takes no time at all, then she agrees to move in.

Bec’s traits; she will be in the Culinary career, and her LTW is Culinary Librarian.

She has zero cooking skill, so we immediately put her to work.

While Nikki goes off to the consignment store to put her sculptures up for sale.

Bec wanted to learn the athletic skill but, apparently, ghosts can be just as clumsy as human sims.

Time for some flirts.

Bec rolled up this wish almost immediately.

Wish fulfilled!

And Nikki escalated things from there. Since we’re getting to the pointy end of the challenge and I’m getting a bit bored with just raising kids, from now on, the sims will be determining how fast the kids arrive. Risky woohoo replaces regular, both it and TFB are now autonomous.

Nikki’s first day’s sales are $36k.

Enough to push her straight up to L9 of the sculpting career.

She also gets the opportunity to begin building a simbot. I’m now wishing we hadn’t consigned all those gems from travelling…

Lucia doesn’t waste any time getting married.

Bec was exercising… Nikki interrupted to give her a HOTM kiss. As you do.

This also marks the point where I added UL to this save. Probably should have done it sooner, as degrees will help expedite Nikki’s rabbithole careers. She now has a Physical Education honorary degree. No, she’s not going to university, she has over 900k LTH points to play with, and we’ve bought almost everything else.

Ms Party Animal loves dancing. She’s always doing this when left on free will.

A very dark Love Day festival. I may have to change up my lighting mod, the outdoor pics have been super dark lately. Anyway, Bec is talking to a teenage Deanne Clark.

When Nikki swoops in for a kiss. These two are all over one another. Perhaps the shared flirty trait?

First greeting card. Bec is barely visible!

And then they play with the love tester. Looks like they only got about halfway up.

Bec plays horseshoes by herself.

While Nikki is finally not pregnant and able to get her face painted.

Only to pop with pregnancy #1 as soon as they get home.

She takes a nap, because who needs a regular schedule when you’re a Queen Bee?

One last sculpture.

And she’s topped the sculpting career.

Nikki is still working on her instruments, so why not have Bec jam with her and maintain their relationship.

Bec does need to work on her cooking skill for her job, though.

And it pays off immediately.

Baby time!

Mixed ghost twins. They are Harper and Casper. Bec’s naming theme is unisex names.

Nikki’s next career will be the Stylist one.

She’s working at the salon, because who needs to wait for an actual shift?

Taking a break to watch the stars with Bec.

She keeps rolling up wishes to do things with Bec, so cute.

But she has work to do.

Earning her first promotion before she does a shift at the Salon.

More grandchildren are on the way.

Bec completed her LTW. With all the expansions, the Culinary Librarian is ridiculously easy.

Nikki has been searching the stars, has finally found 20.

Octavia is engaged!

While Nero is in debt… I didn’t even realise I had the Money module for SP in…

Really Nikki? How am I going to fulfil this, it’s a stipulation of the challenge that you don’t die!

Off to her first day of work.

Only for her first makeover to walk off to graduation before the makeover was completed.

Spending the rest of the day making over the NPCs means Nikki earned a promotion anyway.

We have toddlers! Harper works on potty training first. She’s Hot-Headed like Bec, and Loves the Outdoors.

Casper plays with the blocks. He’s Good and Insane.

The babysitter plays xylo with Harper.

Because their mothers have gone out on the town. Bec makes friends with Jenn’s simself.

While Nikki offers a makeover to Heather. On the right, that’s Livy flirting with Chance Danevbie.

Successful makeover!

Casper learns to talk while behind them, you can just see Harper teaching herself to walk.

Oh man.
What were the people of EA smoking when they dressed some of these sims? Even her shoes have the same pattern!

The pregnant Lucia has a terrible outfit, but we can’t fix her while she’s preggers.

Montage of successful makeovers:

Leading to another promotion.

I must have missed the popup; this is Octavia’s baby boy, not Lucia who was seen pregnant in an earlier pic.

Dude, you have a bright yellow kitchen, you have no sense of style.

This woman appreciates Nikki getting her out of those terrible pigtails.

Nikki takes a break to teach Harper to talk, as she wished.

Lucia has her baby, another boy.

Time for Toddler Skilling Assembly Line.

While Nikki writes and Bec reads more recipe books.

With the toddlers fully skilled, it’s time for pregnancy #2.

2 thoughts on “Drone 7, chapter 1

  1. I imagine it’s not relevant anymore but with the potion table you can make a ghost potion (logic 7) which turns a sim into a ghost for 3 hours. In theory it should fulfil the wish without killing her.

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