Drone 8, chapter 2

Previously, Nikki’s eighth drone was chosen to be Zoe Scott.

We begin with Zoe and Nikki playing for tips once more. From the shape of Nikki’s shirt, I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant – must have missed the screenshot of the pop.

Another woman goes into labour, removing their audience.

A guy randomly decides he wants to amorously hug Nikki – she rightfully refuses.

While Zoe takes the new mother to hospital. Or, rather, sits in the car while the woman drives herself.

It was Maritza Nike! She has given Nikki a great-granddaughter.

Man, it seems the universe does
not want Nikki playing for tips today. Just as she was getting back into it, an elder died on the lot, and took away her audience once again.

Proof of the summer gnome Nikki bought at the festival last chapter.

Zoe chose this seat to read the pregnancy book she wished for.

Baby time! Nikki must have been more pregnant than I thought.

It’s a baby girl! Her name is Ariana. In honor of Zoe’s love of music, her naming theme will be singers/musicians. Our Ariana is Good and Excitable, and loves Irish Green, Indie music and French toast.

Zoe paints in her Leopard-spotted underwear.

While Nikki goes fishing. She’s working on building up enough stock to blitz the self-employed fishing career.

Zoe is a good mother, Ariana has barely cried before she’s fed.

Irvin and Casper adopted a little green-haired boy.

Nikki asks for another promotion, and gets it.

Then goes to the town dive and jams with a fierce expression.

Vito and Maritza are pregnant again.

Harper has a new RI, while Riley got married and Addison got engaged.

Zoe got another promotion; she’s moving up the ladder quickly.

Toddler Ariana is cuuute! She has Nikki’s eyes and Zoe’s hair.

So adorable.

Nikki gets the potty skill done.

Then goes to romance Zoe some more. These two are all over one another the second they have a chance.

I have autonomous Risky Woohoo and TFB on, so they (and Lady Luck) will decide when the next baby is born.

Zoe works on Ariana’s skills.

While Nikki continues learning piano.

She earned another promotion.

Zoe is prone to goofing off. Between her Party Animal and Childish traits, she rarely skills autonomously.

That does mean she’s usually free when Nikki wants to have some fun.

Addison is now married, while Claudia has a new RI.

Last toddler skill is done!

Time for some jamming.

The previous picture didn’t show that Nikki was learning all the piano songs, but this skill challenge proves it.

So it’s off to fish some more.

Before work brings promotions for both girls.

Claudia is now engaged and Addison is pregnant. The extended family is growing.

Oh, and by the way, Ariana is an Imaginary Friend, because Zoe is one. I so wish that gave them some cool skill like every other occult type. Ariana also has a bunch of hidden traits, thanks to Nikki doing so many careers.

Zoe dancing spam. Because if I ever lose her, I’ll find her in front of a stereo, dancing.

Drumming while pregnant, totally fine.

Spooky Day means a quick trip to the festival.

Just for the greeting card. Interesting that Nikki’s pregnancy doesn’t show in the greeting card… and that I haven’t noticed it previously.

Then it’s off to the dive for more jamming.

Just as they get home, it’s baby time.

A baby girl!

Correction: one girl and two boys. Our second set of triplets for the challenge! Meet Miley, Joe and Shawn.

While Zoe stays at home with the babies, Nikki takes Ariana to the library for her TSAL.

And Nikki learns all the drum songs.

So cute.

Zoe has things well under control at home.

The TSAL is just in time, for it’s Ariana’s birthday that night. She rolled up Loves to Swim.

Like I said, these two are all over one another all the time.

Ariana paints while her mothers desecrate the treehouse.

More promotions.

Addison had a baby boy, then got pregnant again a second later.

Triplet toddlers! This is Joe, he’s Brave and Hates the Outdoors, and his colour is Turquoise.

Miley is Insane but has a Good Sense of Humour; her colour is purple.

Shawn is a Family Oriented Heavy Sleeper whose colour is black.


Because I messed up the posting of the chapters, click here to go to chapter 3.

3 thoughts on “Drone 8, chapter 2

  1. Oh my goodness, Ariana is ADORABLE!!! Zoe is an IF huh? That’s really cool. Out of curiosity, what does TSAL mean? I’ve worked out it’s the toddler books, or at least I think so, but I was just curious! 😀

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