Drone 8, chapter 4

Previously, there were more children born, and Nikki and Zoe were all over one another.

A newly toddlerfied Rhianna learns to potty. I think she’s the first one to get Zoe’s eye colour.

Then she’s dumped in the walker so Nikki can play more video games.

She’s on her way to work when she pop with the next baby.

And earns a promotion, even.

Zoe teaches Rhianna to talk.

While the kids continue rotating through their indoor skills.

Zoe finally got the last promotion to Rock Star and completed her LTW!

Miley is making new friends, though I neglected to grab his name.

Rhianna is doing her TSAL.

But Nikki went into labour!

Good thing we have a teenager that can come to the rescue. Ari reads Rhianna her last book.

And now we have four teens in the house! Shawn’s new trait is Good Sense of Humour. He’s a Nikki clone, with Zoe’s darker skintone.

Joe is also a Nikki clone, but not as dark as Shawn. His new trait is Shy.

Miley is yet another Nikki clone – she has Zoe’s hair colour, though. Her new trait is Rebellious, thus I went all out with the Store clothes.

The last baby is another girl, the first time a drone has produced more girls than boys. This is Amy, she’s an Excitable Slob who likes Blue. And she doesn’t like sleeping.

Trying to get the kids back to bed proves problematic.

Nikki had some free time, and she’s not yet best friends with Rhianna, so it’s time to play with her.

Zoe has decided to take up painting.

But she’s quickly interrupted to help Joe learn to drive.

Family gaming night!

Nikki is now working on the Rock Star branch of the Music career.

But a break for Love Day.

This will probably be Zoe’s last greeting card.

Ari feeds Amy.

And Joe decided to take himself home.

As per expectations, Zoe finds the dancefloor.

While Miley introduces herself to Sammie Chambers.

Nikki interrupts the dancing for kisses.

They try out the love tester – Passionate!

Miley invited Sammie out as a group.

But he took offense to something she said, called her a loser and broke off the group.

She then rolled this up. LOL. No, I didn’t lock it in.

Nikki is out fishing. And finally completes the Commercial Fisherman challenge.

Toddler Amy is adorbs! Random yellowish-green eyes and Nikki’s brown hair.

Potty training right away.

Then it’s time to learn to talk.

Rhianna also becomes a child the same day. Her face is the opposite of Ariana; Zoe’s features on Nikki’s face shape. Her new trait is Mean-Spirited.

Ms Artistic gets right to painting.

While Nikki resumes playing for tips in various places around town.

Zoe teaches Amy to walk.

Then Miley to drive.

Ari must have a hidden Family Oriented trait, because she’s always gravitating to the babies.

Another day, another location to drum in.

Amy does her TSAL.

Lol, a pair of disembodied skates!

Nikki is drumming at the park today, and has a companion.

Ariana is now a Young Adult, whose new trait I neglected to write down.

Family breakfast time!

Wilbur also grew up. Ariana greets him eagerly.

Zoe and Nikki took Rhianna out for some alone time on the swings.

Miley and Sammie went out on a date.

Boyfriend claimed!

Meanwhile, at home, Ariana proposes to Wilbur, who accepts with joy.

More drumming in random bars.

Ari is introducing Amy to the television.

Nikki maxed out her bass skill and completed the One Man Band LTW.

And, though I missed the shot, she also maxed out Social Networking.

So now she’s working on the Science skill.

Bailey is engaged, while Taylor has a new RI.

Amy ages up to child! Her new trait is Perceptive, and she’s a clone of Zoe, just with Nikki’s skintone.

And thus it’s time to break up with Zoe.

Both of them immediately roll up this wish. So I had Nikki use the moodlet manager to remove Zoe’s broken heart.

And then they mind-meld and complete the wishes.

Bailey is now married.

As is Ariana – right away, as soon as Zoe and the kids moved out.

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