Drone 9, chapter 3

Gotta get these all out before I forget what was going on!

Hunter dressed up as an astronaut, while Nikki has taken up gambling.

Then he goes downstairs to play piano.

Baby time!

It’s another boy!

Correction: mixed twins. Meet Oscar and Natalia. I’ll share their traits when they age up.

Wolf has maxed out the toy oven, so is working on his blocks.

While his parents play ping pong to increase their jock skill.

Billy is distracted by the babies. He loves babies.

The boys go fishing, even though it’s winter.

And Nikki never gets cold, so she’s now working on the snorkelling skill.

Hunter ages up! He’s now a Kleptomaniac.

He’s mostly a Billy clone, with Nikki’s face shape and her colouring.

He’s immediately saddled with baby care.

Amy had a baby boy!

Billy got a promotion.

And we have toddlers. Natalia is a Neurotic Daredevil who likes Violet.

While Oscar likes Turquoise and is a Genius Daredevil.

Billy is on duty teaching them to potty.

Because Hunter has found the bass. We’ll never see him again.

Wolf is reigning over the royal court of the chessboard.

No longer pregnant, Nikki can hunt ghosts again.

Earning another promotion.

Then comes home to play soccer, while Oscar teaches himself to walk in the background.

Wolf is also a teen! Dang, he and Hunter are so much older than the other kids. He’s now a Savvy Sculptor, so got himself a snazzy apron.

He’s a Nikki clone with Billy’s colouring.

Billy wanted to teach Natalia to walk the old fashioned way.

Hunter is all about the kids. Yet not Family-Oriented.

Lmao, Nikki got this moodlet. Yes, it’s raining…

But she’s snorkelling. You think the ocean has something to do with you being soaked?

Just casual stalking of your boss to the gym.

Then pulling him off the weights to talk to him.

But it did earn Billy a promotion, so yay?

Natalia learns to talk.

Until Billy interrupts for some woohoo.

TSAL time for the twins.

While Billy does interviews downstairs.

Nikki is at work, earning another promotion.

Back home, she’s juggling again, still working on her Jock skill.

Amy is pregnant again.

Billy finally topped his career and completed his LTW!

In time for Nikki to pop with pregnancy #4. Yes, she’s still working on her gambling skill.

Wolf paints.

While werewolf Hunter has a bubble bath to calm himself down.

One last little bit of juggling and Nikki has topped the jock social group! Thus completing the LTW to reach the top of all three.

Hunter learns to drive.

While Wolf is on baby duty.

I added some Hollys and Zanes into town as celebrities; trying to get Nikki to complete some of the LN LTWs. We have Uxie, Visenya and Shiloh Holly, plus Lowell, Rook and a third Zane I neglected to note down.

Befriending Uxie brings Nikki her first celebrity star.

And Rook makes two celebrity friends.

More children! Oscar’s new trait is Loves the Heat.

While Natalia’s is Natural Born Performer.

Billy topped the athletic skill, finally.

And Nikki maxed out the Ghost Hunter profession, earning the LTW as well.

The Aurora Skies save is beginning to glitch out on us; I haven’t been able to get any greeting card photos for the past few seasons. Hoping a new save will help.

Since she’s working on being a celebrity, it only makes sense to move to Bridgeport.

We bought
this huge penthouse apartment and edited a bit to our needs; first level has the laundry and a bathroom on the left, with kitchen and dining on the right and a big open space in the middle. Baby/toddler stuff is tucked into the corner near the bathroom, while most of the skilling equipment is out on the balcony.

Upstairs, we have Nikki’s bedroom, a bathroom and a gym area on the left, with the kids’ dorm and all-in-one bathrooms on the right. Another smaller balcony in the middle, with the easels and chess table. The spiral stairs in the kids’ dorm lead up to a tiny mezzanine level with 3 desks and laptops.

The family scatter to check out the new place. Oscar takes up inventing.

Billy is teaching our newest arrival to walk. And, apparently, I haven’t taken any other pictures of her. This is Scarlett, she’s Evil and Family-Oriented and her colour is lilac.

Hunter paints and shows us the amazing view from the upstairs level.

Nikki brought her slot machine with her, and continues working on her gambling skill.

Natalia is playing with the toy oven.

While Mr Natural Cook fills up the fridge.

Billy and Nikki break in the new shower.

Then he’s tasked to upgrading all the new plumbing.

While Nikki goes snorkelling in the ocean.

Next morning, Natalia fights bandits before school.

Billy enjoys a lovely view with his breakfast.

Finally, Nikki topped out the gambling skill.

Time for Scarlett’s TSAL. And Nikki is now moving onto the ITF skills.

While Wolf learns to drive in the patrol car.

It’s tough when the full moon falls on a school night; they struggle to get sufficient sleep for school the next day.

2 thoughts on “Drone 9, chapter 3

  1. The new place looks nice. For a bit there I thought you were going to end up going 1 by 1 with the babies, but then you hit twins again. I haven’t played much with werewolves, but they seem kind of fun.


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