Drone 10, chapter 1

Previously, Billy’s final child, Charlotte, became a child and thus his time as a drone was done.
Apologies for the long wait. The next few chapters won’t take as long, promise!

Back with Nikki for the final drone! But first, some jetpack flying while she’s not pregnant.

Damn, those animations are amazing.

Ballin and Blossom had a baby girl!

And Nikki maxed out her laser rhythm-a-con.

Now it’s time to meet our last drone. Those of you who read my Immortal Teen Challenge with
Nikki might recognise this guy; it’s Josh Holiday. Nikki and Josh (aka Nav and ET) are my OTP.

It seems the game agrees with me; we have heartfarts.

And Nikki immediately rolls up this wish. We will definitely do that!

I’m not sure where they are and why these pics are so dark; apologies. But Nikki and Josh get to flirting and find out they’re both Flirty. No wonder they get along so well.

And we have our first kiss!

Nikki instantly rolls up a slew of other wishes. Including this one I haven’t seen before. Did not even know serenade was an option on this instrument!

OMG and then
this happens. I have not seen this in all my days playing. If not for the requirements of the challenge, I would have absolutely accepted. As it is, she said no and immediately asked him to move in with her.

Josh’s trait card (from Last Man Standing, when he was a human).

The second Josh joins the household, we fulfill that serenading wish.

And lol, I did not realise that the serenaded sims did this animation – that’s adorable!

A romantic selfie coz why not.

And then I just sat back and watched them.

These two are
so into one another – I initiated none of this.

Yep, they autonomously romanced their way all the way to their first woohoo.

Roux is also apparently busy in bed; he’s impregnated his wife.

Josh is being a badass on the motorcycle we bought for Bec, all those years ago.

He finds Billy at City Hall… and decides to befriend him, coz why not.

He even comforted Billy over the loss of Nikki. I assume he tactfully decided
not to tell Billy he is now shacking up with her.

Meanwhile, Nikki has been at work and earned herself a promotion.

Back with Josh, he’s working on his LTW by throwing friendship potions at people. Seems legit.

He was trying to earn enough LTH points for a special treat.

Josh is going to be a mermaid! I couldn’t make him one in CAS, so we did it the normal way.

Scarlett has hooked up with Jupiter Belle, apparently.

To help with Nikki’s Advanced Technology skill, we bought a food synthesizer and she’s now programming new recipes in.

And then I was distracted by Josh failing to exit the lift. Damn, this game is so great.

Wut? Why are there paparazzi inside the penthouse? The visitors need to buzz up but the paps can just waltz their way inside?

Josh earned himself a promotion. He’s in the military career, just to give him something to do.

Nikki has also taken up Bot Making. I’m going to try and get her to max out every skill in the game, coz points!

LMAO, these animations are brilliant. And
so appropriate for these two.

Hunter and Uxie are getting married! Now make some pretty babies, you two!

Josh is skilling – I do believe he’s one of the first to use the little exercise area next to Nikki’s bedroom.

Roux had a baby boy!

And Wolf has an elder for a girlfriend. I think I’ll need to fix the SP settings; that shouldn’t be happening.

Damn, these two are insatiable. Now she’s barging in on Josh in the shower.

To break them up, I sent them to the gym to play in the pool.

And we get to see Josh’s tail! It’s mainly grey-blue, to match his eyes.

Nikki has
finally maxed out her scuba diving skill. I swear, that one takes forever. Well, it might have gone quicker if she did some actual scuba diving, but I didn’t want to move them to IP and I haven’t been able to figure out how to make the locations work properly in other worlds.

Getting home just in time for the baby pop. She has had so many babies now that she puts her hands
inside her stomach.

And it’s back to bot making. Well, trait chips just now. With her rainbow holo pal on her shoulder.

While Josh is at the gym making more friends.His LTW is Super Popular, in case I haven’t mentioned.

When he gets home, Josh psychically knows Nikki is pregnant and wishes to read a pregnancy book. And chooses the bed next to a sleeping Nikki as the best place to do so. Naw, these two are so cute.

More autonomous romance. I love this animation.

And I decided now is as good a time as any for them to go steady.

They go out for drinks to celebrate.

Having a little ‘fun’ in the elevator on the way lead to Nikki being publicly disgraced. Ah, celebrity.

But they still had some fun dancing in the falling snow.

Nikki chose the dancing to roll up this wish. That isn’t part of this challenge, so I’ll have to delete it. But in so many other saves, you will get this wish.

In this save, it’s all about the babies. And Josh’s first one is incoming!

It’s a blue baby boy!

Meet Connor, an Outdoors Loving Daredevil who likes White.

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