Drone 10, chapter 3

Previously, Nikki gave birth to triplets Jade, Lance and Cassie. She also made a plumbot to help with the chores and childcare.

We open with Nikki and Connor playing video games. Uh, Connor? There are a bunch of seats available, why are you sitting on the floor?

Since we will be keeping the bot as a butler/nanny for now, Nikki redesigned it to be a more cohesive unit. It now has a name; meet Scrappy (Josh named him).

Connor wanted to go fishing, so sure.

Nikki is still working on her Advanced Technology skill – she’s now working on the dreams in the Dream Pod.

Scrappy is left to care for the babies. He has green highlights that match Nikki’s eyes, just coz.

Billy is engaged! I’m glad he’s finally moved on from Nikki.

For herself, Nikki moved into the Business career and is climbing the ladder quickly.

The babies have become toddlers! This is Jade. She has her daddy’s blue eyes and her mother’s dark hair. She’s a Friendly Genius who likes Red.

Lance has all of Nikki’s colouring. He’s Shy and Perceptive and likes Irish Green.

Cassie has her dad’s colouring (though a different skintone shade). She’s a Lucky Light Sleeper who likes White.

Josh immediately gets to work on their skills.

The girls are outside working on skilling themselves. Whoops, just realised I hadn’t changed Cassie’s scales at this point.

See what I mean about the routing issues in this place? There should be plenty of space to pick Lance up!

I forgot all about Connor and found him going for a joy ride on a random bench. At least the kids can entertain themselves.

More Advanced Tech skilling for Nikki now that she’s no longer pregnant. She has death flowers in her pocket, so I’m not too worried about her crashing and dying.

But she does eventually come home to help the toddlers with their skills.

We only have two toddler beds, so I’m working to get Cassie on a different schedule than the other two. To that end, Josh teachers her to talk while the other two sleep.

It seems Nikki has a favourite triplet.

While Josh just wants to get them all moving.

Scarlett is having another baby, and decided now was as good as any time to tie the knot.

It may not seem like it, but these two are still very much in love. Whenever either has a free moment, they go chasing the other.

Cuties playing dolls together.

But Josh needs to teach Jade to walk.

Meanwhile, Connor is swimming in the ocean. By himself. At least it’s not snowing?

Lance, maybe try hitting the xylo, instead of chewing on the mallet?

He’s not much better with learning to talk.

Josh earned himself a promotion.

Then celebrated by teaching Jade to talk.

And Lance to walk.

Nikki earned her own promotion.

And came home using the hoverboard.

I love the woohoo animation in the Dream Pod.

Cassie is the first to be fully trained, so she’s working on her books. As with previous multiples, we will wait until all 3 have done their basic skills, pegs and xylo before taking them to the library.

Wolf has a new RI. Hopefully, this one doesn’t go off a minute later.

And Bevan has another baby on the way.

I don’t think I mentioned it before, but three out of the four kids are mermaids; only Lance is human. Which means we’re going to need a whole lot of fish meals.

That is my least favourite part about mermaids; they are so difficult to keep fed! I am using this mod from MTS so that meals cooked with fish will fulfil hunger. I also use Ani’s No Fridge Shopping mod, so the sims will always use proper ingredients (from all that fishing and gardening with earlier drones).

Josh works with Jade on her pegs, while Connor catches bandits.

Time for TSAL! Nikki and Scrappy take Lance and Cassie, while Jade finishes her pegs.

Nikki is working on learning all the bass songs.

While ‘relaxing’ in the sun is a great way for Scrappy to gain solar energy. In the background, you can see Josh bringing Jade in.

All three triplets speed through their books.

Apparently, it’s Love Day, because Connor is at the festival hunting eggs.

Then he plays horseshoes. Unfortunately, there are no sims his own age for him to befriend.

Another skill challenge down!

And Nikki maxed Advanced Technology on the way home. That skill is super slow to level when you’re not in the future.

Scrappy needed a new hobby and wanted to learn Bot Building so, sure.

The kids chat while playing with blocks.

Scarlett had a baby girl, while Wolf got engaged.

Connor plays peek-a-boo with Jade.

We’ve been taking advantage of the subways, which are the best places to make money from tips. Nikki has now made $25k on the drums.

Josh was stressed and dehydrated after work, so made a beeline for the hottub.

But he did bring a promotion AND also maxed athletic, so I’d say he deserves it.

I think he has a favourite; he is always rolling wishes to interact with Jade, but rarely with the other kids.

And chatting with Jade helped max out his charisma.

All three trips at the block table! I wish it was easier for them to make friends when they’re toddlers.

Oscar and his wife are expecting, and Wolf tied the knot.

Damn mermaids.

Thanks, random townie!

Lastly, let’s have some birthdays! Connor definitely has his daddy’s nose. His new trait is Sailor.

Lance, on the other hand, is his mother’s clone, right down to the colouring. He’s now a Technophobe.

Cassie now Loves to Swim; helpful for a mermaid.

And Jade is now a Social Butterfly. That is going to be annoying…

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