Drone 10, chapter 4

Previously, we had triplet toddlers who were skilled up with the help of Scrappy, the family plumbot. They aged up to children right at the end of chapter 3.

Ms Genius Jade wanted to play chess and needed social, so Josh helps out.

Meanwhile, Lance and Cassie do their blocks together.

Nikki earned a promotion.

Connor rolled up this wish while at school; apparently, he’s gay?

He’s also dehydrated. Damn mermaids.

I sent him to swim in the ocean to restore his hydration bar after he was woken up.

Lance dressed up as a prince! I love these animations.

Someone brought Tanika Rubble home. Poor girl has a case of bimple pox (her tongue sticking through her chin). Jade is making friends, because she wished it.

They play tag outside (Lance too – you can just see his prince costume in the background).

Nikki earns the Money Maker skill challenge on bass.

While Josh earns a promotion and maxes out his handiness.

They celebrate with some woohoo.

The girls chat before school the next morning.

Then everyone is put to work, skilling.

Tanika is invited over that afternoon and the triplets bond with her over video games.

Scrappy is cooking more fish meals – these mermaids need to eat so frequently!

Nikki got to CEO already!

She and Josh celebrate in the hot tub.

Oscar had a baby boy!

Jade and Cassie are now best friends.

Connor invited Ted Maloney-Holly over after school. He’s the son of Roux Holly and a townie. Looks like he got his father’s hair colour.

Lol, duckface!

He accepted the invite to the prom.

And the kiss, woot!

The children have a water balloon fight, enjoying the last of the sunshine.

Lance apparently checked for the monster under the bed when I wasn’t looking.

And got into the costume chest again. This boy loves all things kid-related.

Somehow, it’s the weekend again, so Josh takes the kids on a family outing.

Everyone goes swimming.

And we get to see Connor’s lovely tail.

Not sure sunbathing is the best idea, Connor; you’ll lose hydration quickly.

Back home, Nikki pops with baby #4.

I put down some entertainment things for the family to play with. Josh, Connor and Cassie beeline for the water slide.

While Jade found the spring rider.

Then she and Cassie play tag.

Meanwhile, Lance has decided inside is the place to be and is taking a joy ride on the couch in the cabin.

First time I’ve tried out this archery thing. It’s a bit gimmicky, but their faces are entertaining.

Josh earned a promotion his next day at work, maxing out the military career.

A comparison of the different personalities of my sims. Lance is very into all things child-related. Whereas Jade is only into making friends.

Lance’s wishes are somewhat easier to fulfil.

Nikki has
finally made what seems like a billion nanites.

Lance had a school opportunity to befriend this girl, Britney, and he chose the easy route. It wasn’t until I saw the popup that I realised she’s Ted’s little sister.

Oscar and his wife are pregnant again.

Nikki asks Josh for a promotion and, of course, she got it.

Damn mermaids and their dehydration.

And Nikki is about to bring another one into the world (hopefully only one).

It’s a baby girl! This is Gwen, she’s Lucky and Family-Oriented and her colour is spice brown.

Leisure Day is upon us. Even though we can’t get the greeting card, the family still goes out to the festival. Scrappy is looking after Gwen – such useful robots.

Josh gets his face painted like a pirate.

Then lights some fireworks.

While Nikki has a water balloon fight with her boys and Cassie.

Jade chooses soccer, where Josh joins her after the fireworks display.

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