Drone 10, chapter 6

Previously, the triplets aged up to teens and we had some romantic shenanigans. Baby #5 was born as a girl named Gwen.

An Astronaut’s long long shift is not good for a mermaid.

Connor is now a YA! And I neglected to note down his YA trait, apologies.

Cassie does her homework in the company of her fellow triplets.

Gwen is now a child. Her new trait is Bookworm. Guess she’s going to be learning writing.

But first, blocks!

Nikki earned another promotion.

Family dinner! Fish for the mermaids, pie for the humans. Gotta put those fruit & veg to use.

And then it’s time for some video games.

Cassie and Jade chose to relax in the hot tub instead.

Time for the LAST baby! For Josh and for the challenge.

Nikki is super excited. Sorry chica, if this pregnancy is a single, that other gender wish is being deleted.

Dip kisses.

From both sides. These two are obsessed. How about you
sleep, Josh?

Connor is engaged already; benefits of having a boyfriend before you leave the house.

It’s Spooky Day, so we’re having a costume party!

Nikki gets in some violin practise before the party starts.

Cassie is a diver; though she doesn’t need a mask to scuba dive.

Lance is a somewhat pathetic pirate.

Jade is a hot dog, lol.

Oh boy, two guest tigers? That’s awkward.

The clown in the background is Nathanael Strummer-Bling, while the alien is Gabriel King-Leiko.

And the superhero? This cutie pie is Haeju Jones. Brilliant name.

Cassie introduces herself to Haeju.

Josh dressed up as a burglar and makes out with Nikki.

The kids have a dance party, but nothing much else happened.

Gwen and Jade play video games after the guests leave.

While Lance paints.

He invited his girlfriend, Tanika, to sleep over, but then ignored her. So Cassie befriends her.

Including becoming BFFs.

Next morning, the teen girls are chatting up their new friends.

Gee Josh, just chat to your son’s girlfriend in your undies. That’s not at all creepy.

Gwen is working on her writing skill while Nikki… I can’t remember what she’s writing. It’s been a while since I took these photos.

This is Priscilla Slayer-Fresco. She takes heavily after the Slayer side, if you can’t tell. But she’s also the only gay teen in town – other than Cassie.

Cheat friends!

That face…

Cassie seems to like it, however, because she rolled up this wish.

First kiss!

And it’s only
then that we find out Priscilla is insane. Oh joy.

Being a vampire, she was burning in the sun, so ran off quickly after the kiss. Cassie chose to sunbathe instead of coming home.

Time for the last baby!

It’s a girl! And Josh becomes only the second drone to have more females than males, after Zoe. Total count is 33 males to 27 females, including 14 sets of twins and 4 of triplets.

As per usual, the adults are fighting over the baby.

This save is getting glitchy… Cassie can’t get to the fridge.

Replaced the fridge… now she can’t sit in the chair.

Jade and her endless ‘be friends with x’ wishes.

Boom! Cassie fails to make a potion.

Because she wished it, I bought Nikki some mistletoe.

She wastes no time in cornering Josh for a kiss.

Such a cute moodlet.

And, of course, that sets them off. All of this is autonomous, except for the romantic selfie.

Toddler Alyssa! She’s adorable! And apparently I forgot to give you her traits; she’s Good and Handy and likes Hot Pink.

Nikki gets right on the potty training.

Then sets her to work on the xylo.

Off to earn another promotion.

And it’s here that I ran into some game-breaking trouble. I played this same day about 10 times (thankfully after Alyssa aged up) – Nikki earned the promotion every day, but it would not save, no matter what I did. So, even though we only have a few weeks left, the family is moving to a new town for the last chapter!

One thought on “Drone 10, chapter 6

  1. So sad that you could get it saved, but at least it was after Alyssa was grown up! So much accomplished, and I’m surprised you still have so much to do. There is a TON of stuff in TS3.


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