Queen Bee Challenge

Because I haven’t done much with seeing Nikki’s genes in action, I decided to have her take on a Queen Bee Challenge. The title is Nav-igating the Hive (thanks to Livvielove!), because Nikki’s nickname on the show is Nav(igator) after her position on the ship.

1.01.01 - Nikki
These are her starting traits; we may change them (using LTH points) if things get boring.

Jenn so kindly converted the rules on boolprop; I’m not really doing the whole setup thing, they will live in populated worlds and the drones will move into appropriate houses when the time comes. Because I like the kids to be able to have school friends and high school romances, etc.

Nikki’s drones will be her fellow SP characters, some with some minor occult adjustments. She will not take on any occult status, instead keeping herself a YA through the normal in-game methods of reversing aging.

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