Drone 8, chapter 1

Previously, Bec’s final child was born and everyone aged up, so the brood moved out.

Nikki got her final promotion, and completed the Master Magician LTW!

She immediately switches to the Self-employed Inventor career.

And goes off to put
all her widgets and inventions on consignment. Working on the inventing skill challenges is a great way to build up stock for this career.

The Vanillabeam siblings are arguing.

Nikki has come out to this tiny park to play for tips on the drums.

The Oss-Wrede family (Edvin, Cassidy and their daughter Loretta) also joined Nikki, swinging all together.

Wow, $62k from the first day’s consignment! That bumped her up to about L8 or 9.

Aw, Harper broke up with her boyfriend.

But Riley found a new RI.

Despite the few people in the location, Nikki did get some tip from them.

Then it’s back home to make some more widgets.

Before heading out to the art gallery to play for more tips – with guitar this time. Yes, she’s working on the Money Maker skill challenges.

Today’s consignment haul is all masterful Flying Fighters. And it bumps her over the top to L10!

Time for some celebrating.

This is Zoe Scott, our next target. Yes, she’s a teen at the moment, but she’ll age up in a few days.

Nikki immediately wishes to sing karaoke, so why not? Spam incoming…

When Zoe goes home, Nikki stays at the rodeo place to get some more tips.

The next day she earns an invisible medal for the inventing career.

After the medal ceremony, she plays for tips again, to a huge crowd.

Until she maxes out her drums skill.

Then I’m reminded she needs a new career – since she was working on the instruments with Bec, I chose music next.

Casper is engaged and married within 5 minutes.

Nikki restocks the fridge while waiting for her first music shift.

And finds some competition at the Rodeo that night.

She’s also fishing a bit, enjoying the time to herself before we have a house full of kids once more.

Zoe has finally aged up, so Nikki finishes making her best friends, then invites her to move in.

It doesn’t take long for them to lock lips.

Nikki immediately rolls up this wish.

And fulfilled.

Zoe is also in the music career, so the two jam a bit together.

Before heading off to work.

Both of them got promotions right away. Nikki jumped to L4 thanks to her uni degree, while Zoe is now L2.

Zoe’s trait card. Thanks to Livvielove for making her and letting me borrow her for my own!

Poor Zoe was exhausted, but Nikki is having none of it.

She wants kisses.

And to watch the stars (before the sun fully sets).

Then Zoe decides they should play tag.

It looks like Nikki is singing…?

That’s an option? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

All this romance leads to the inevitable.

The next day, it’s graduation time for Zoe. She and Nikki start a jamming session outside City Hall afterwards.

And someone joins them on the piano.

Addison has an RI!

Lol, childish sims are fun.

Vito is going to give Nikki another grandchild.

It’s Leisure Day, that means festival time.

First greeting card with Zoe.

Nikki has a water balloon fight with some townies.

While Zoe goes skating.

Then they go to the park across the street to play for tips. Again. This is going to be a reoccurring scene with this drone, for they both need instrument skills.

Wow, I think this is the first time Nikki has rolled up the ‘marry’ wish. Sorry hun, not happening (yet).

This next series of shots is Nikki buttering up her boss to ask for a promotion. The sims in the background had me in stitches as they all decided they
had to be in the shot.

But Nikki did get the promotion in the end.

As did Zoe.

We’ll end on a gorgeous picture of Nikki fishing at sunset.

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