Drone 7, chapter 3

Previously, Nikki gave birth to ghost twins and another baby boy, also a ghost. We tried out the Daycare Profession, but it got derailed…

Nikki is writing comic books.

While Casper works on his potions.

And Riley does his TSAL at the library with Bec.

She had a mid-life crisis wish to change her outfit, so sure.

She wants a more edgy look – she’s not getting old!

Baby time!

The rest of the family give zero fucks about Nikki being in labour.

Human mixed twins! Their names are Taylor and Addison.

Nikki earns another skill challenge; she’s a Specialist Sports Writer.

Then it’s back to the inventing bench for more widgets.

Another MLC wish that is fulfilled – a motorbike satisfied Bec’s wish for a car worth more than $10k.

These two seem to be needier than most. Since we don’t yet have any teens, it’s up to Nikki and Bec to take care of the babies.

Riley aged up to child and he’s a cutie! His new trait is Light Sleeper.

Another granddaughter for Nikki.

Since the daycare profession is now broken from the pregnancy, Nikki will take on the Magician profession instead. She’s a bit of a failure to start with.

Very few people watch her.

But slowly, as the sun moves across the sky, she draws a crowd.

Enough to earn a promotion by evening.

Bec also got a promotion the same day.

And we have our first ghost teens.

Casper is now Ambitious. He’s a face clone of Nikki, with Bec’s brown eyes and random blonde hair.

Harper, on the other hand, is a perfect clone of Bec, including the hair (colour – she aged up with one that looks like Bec’s). Only Nikki’s eye colour. She’s now a Hopeless Romantic.

I gave her a different hairstyle and a nice, romantic-y dress.

On his first day of high school, Casper rolls this up. Apparently he’s gay? Reminder, Irvin is the son of Jenn Vannillabeam and Benny Messorem.

Irvin’s cute, so we’ll go with it.

And wish fulfilled.

Harper helps out with the babies. I love it when we have teens in the house.

Time for some more adorable toddlers! This is Taylor, he’s Eccentric and Absent-Minded, and he likes Red, Egg Rolls and Hip Hop.

Addison is Friendly and Loves the Outdoors. She likes Seafoam, Pop and Fried PB & Banana Sandwich.

Onto the potty with Taylor!

Then it’s to the talking.

Addison finds the xylo.

Nikki is out earning more promotions from performing for tips.

It’s such a nice change to have toddlers you can see. Ghosts are fun, but annoying to play.

When Nikki comes home, it’s time for him to learn how to walk. Judging from her walking in the background, Addison already knows how to walk but I missed the shot – walker, perhaps?

Casper is still working on his potions.

While Harper learns to drive with Bec.

Snow won’t stop Nikki’s show!

Lol, it’s her first performance, give her a break!

Still working on the instrument skilling in the downtime.

Nikki has a Box of Mystery!

Samali is her first
victim volunteer.

Much better review.

And before the crowd leaves, Nikki captures their attention by performing for tips.

Pilot Inspektor Creeper has hooked up with our very own Octavia.

This is Gene McGregor; Harper wished to befriend him. So I figure, after she’s done that, she can romance him.

And ask him to prom.

Quintus and his missus are pregnant again.

Inventing in the snow in your jammies. Nikki is always classy.

Those inventing challenges take forever. Even if this one is kind of redundant after completing the Master Inventor challenge – Nikki’s widgets are already Masterful, don’t matter about Improved.

Another show, another Box of Mystery volunteer.

Whoops, failed trick!

The crow didn’t like that.

But she earned a promotion anyway.

As did Bec. These two keep getting promotions on the same day.

Bec meets her at the Rodeo place after work.

Time for some adult fun.

Snowflake Day!

Finally, some visible kids in the greeting card.

Casper makes a snow angel while Riley gets some food.

Nikki gets her face painted.

Bec tries (and fails) snowboarding.

Riley builds an igloo.

While Nikki and the teens go ice skating.

Riley is all about the snowplay. Somehow he made an Evil snowman even though he’s not Evil?

Snowball fight with the three eldest.

Nikki has another show tonight; complete with face paint. And she failed her BOM trick.

Then stopped the show to pop with Bec’s last pregnancy.

To end things, let’s get some shots of the human offspring as children. Did I mention Addison has purple eyes? Another random grandparent mutation. Her new trait is Loves the Cold.

Taylor’s new trait is Clumsy. Gosh, as if he’s not enough of a mad scientist. He’s like Robin Williams in Flubber.

One thought on “Drone 7, chapter 3

  1. The human kids are super cute! What a fun update. I think one of the best things about reading this blog has been to see what all you can do in TS3. There is so much I never knew was a thing. Great fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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