Drone 7, chapter 2

Look at that, another update! Previously, Bec Brown was chosen as drone 7, and the first two children were born.

Bec earned another promotion.

She celebrates by practising her martial arts.

Nikki pops with baby #3.

No more paying gigs, but she can still solicit makeovers at the salon.

And around town.

Earning another promotion.

She is still working on the inventing skill challenges.

While Bec plays with the kids.

But it’s time for the Leisure Festival!

Greeting card in swimsuits, because it’s the middle of summer.

Nikki sets off some fireworks.

While Bec plays with water balloons.

A tanned Nikki then relaxes on the… hard concrete?

These ghosts are mighty hard to see on the wall.

That evening, it’s baby time!

A single boy, who is named Riley. He’s Rebellious with a Good Sense of Humour.

Nikki immediately heads off to do more makeovers. This one was a failed one. And I’m immediately distracted by the blue-haired boy walking past.

His name is Irvin Vanillabeam.
He’s the son of Jenn and Benny Messorem (who must have taken Jenn’s surname when they married).

We also have children in the house, now. And I remembered to take pics of them in the Stylist room this time, so you can see their faces.

Casper has Bec’s brown eyes and random blonde hair. His new trait is Childish.

Harper has Nikki’s aqua eyes and Bec’s red/brown hair. Her new trait is Social Butterfly. Oh boy, that is not going to be fun.

Her first action is to play in the treehouse in the dark.

Then she scares her brother.

Nero has a new romantic interest.

And a second later, he’s impregnated her.

Why is the baby so unhappy?

Because the idiot babysitter won’t put him down. Or feed him. Or socialise with him.

More promotions, for both ladies.

Lucia is Nikki’s next client.

I think she needs more than makeup, that hair is terrible.

Maritza Nike came home from school with Harper today. I dropped my simself off in the house with Jenn and the others; it does not surprise me that she’s procreated already.

However, Maritza is not interested in being friends; she skips off as soon as Casper introduces herself.

So instead, he plays with the ballet bar.

Riley became a toddler.

He begins on his potty training right away.

Octavia is pregnant again (to a different guy, this time).

Harper has been out fishing, as per her wishes.

The next day, Maritza comes over again.

This time, she stays and allows Casper to befriend her. Even if she hates losing at Paper, Scissors, Rock.

She’s not impressed with Nikki’s Supernatural Fan trait.

But still allows her a child makeover.

Bec comes home with another promotion.

And Nero gives Nikki another grand
son. Where are all the female babies?

Riley learns to talk.

While Nikki is finally successful in making a simbot! We’re now working on the Monster Maker LTW.

Because she’s now topped out the Stylist career and completed the Fashion Phenomenon LTW.

I’m going to try the Daycare profession, though I have had issues with it during pregnancy in the past.

Livy is the first to bring over her toddler.

Bec helps out with taking care of the kids.

While Harper entertains our own toddler – even though you can barely see them, I promise they’re there!

Nikki completes the Prolific Writer skill challenge.

baby boy? What is going on in this town?

Casper sets a sink prank… in a house that’s not ours. Apparently he went home with a friend?

Nikki got a promotion already.

More family jamming.

Lmao, she licked the ice sculpture! That is brilliant.

Unseen in the photos, Nikki used her LTH points to buy two more simbots, thus completing the Monster Maker LTW. We did go through the long route to make one, so it’s totally not cheating. 😛

Here they are, lazing around the house until I remember to kick them out.

Time for another baby, I think.

We did find some use for the simbots; skilling them!

finally. Those logic challenges take forever.

Bec maxed out her martial arts skill. I must have missed the shot, but I know she also maxed Cooking.

Casper is reigning over the chess table.

Quintus is engaged!

Spooky Day festival time! More barely-visible ghosts in the greeting card.

Nikki competes in a pie-eating contest that I forgot to photo, then sets herself up to play for tips.

While Bec and the children bob for apples.

Lmao, Harper kicked over the gnome, then immediately stood it up again.

Pregnancy pop!

And immediately back to making hygienators.

Woot, finally! 100 big inventions takes
forever. Now to make some Masterful widgets.

Quintus’ fiancee is pregnant!

The kids are fishing together.

Bec got another promotion.

And celebrates with some more jamming with Nikki.

One thought on “Drone 7, chapter 2

  1. Harper is really cute! You can’t make her out as well in ghost form, but the picture of her makeover is super cute. It’s funny to see things like ghosts doing marshall arts and bobbing for apples. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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