Drone 9, chapter 1

Previously, the final child (Amy) is born, and aged up to child – thus Zoe was broken up with and she and the kids moved out.

It was only
after Zoe moved out that I realised she’s now Nikki’s boss.

Thus we had to track her down to ask for a promotion.


Back to performing experiments. Those Science skill challenges are
such a chore.

Before we go off to meet the next drone! This is Billy Webb.


Nikki wants to chat about comic books.

While they were chatting, she rolled up a whole slew of wishes toward him. Seems she really likes him.

The next day is Leisure Day, so she invites him out to the festival.

She participates in a hotdog eating contest – and fails miserably (insert joke about eating weiners here).

Meanwhile, Billy fails at skating.

Then they get a greeting card. And Nikki invites him to move in.

He gets a new trait card, because I edited his ears a bit and turned him into a werewolf. He’s still sooo cute.

And wants to learn the logic skill, so it’s off to the telescope.

But then he interrupts Nikki’s experiments.

These two definitely have chemistry.

He initiates the first flirt.

And Nikki immediately rolls up these two.

Thus it’s time for a HOTM kiss.

Of course, it’s successful. As per the previous two drones, it will be up to the sims and Lady Luck to decide when they will fall pregnant; Risky is at 25% and it replaces normal Woohoo.

Nikki is now a Rock Star!

She’s now working on the Blog Artist LTW and the Education career.

She has 4.5 stars on the blog from last chapter; just a little more.

So she alternates between blogging and analysing seeds and stuff.

Lol, I love the faces they make when they’re blogging.

And done!

Moving onto Scientific Specialist – she’s already completed two of those careers, so it should be as simple as maxing out the Science skill.

Thus it’s back to the Science station!

Billy got singed on the potion table and takes refuge with the dolls.

Yay, plasma bug.

And some kissing.

More wishes – these two roll them up all the time.

Romance leads to… 

Fun times in the shower.

Nikki and Billy both earned promotions quickly.

And Nikki pops with baby #1 right after work.

Hehe, Billy is a cute werewolf. I put a lot of work into his werewolf version.

Rocking chair naps are the best way to regain energy during the full moon.

Pregnant Nikki is not happy with this development.

So he’s banished outside, to the telescope.

Yay, Nikki topped out her Nerd Influence!

Ariana is pregnant – that didn’t take long.

Nikki got an opportunity that leads to a raise, then a promotion on the same day.

She’s working on analysing a stupid number of things.

Billy is rather less productive.

And he’s super freaked when Nikki goes into labour.

It’s a baby boy! His name is Hunter – Billy’s naming theme is names relating to Spiders, since Spider is his nickname (because of the Webb surname). Hunter is Grumpy and Lucky and likes Yellow.

Nikki then maxes out her Science skill and completed the Scientific Specialist LTW.

She then uses her plethora of LTH points to buy all the degrees, and complete the Major Master LTW.

Amy has aged up to teen, and now has a boyfriend. I should fix her hair… but it’s not
that bad.

LOL, the aliens abducted Nikki. Couldn’t have taken Spider and given us an alien baby? Then again, we had plenty of them with Robert, don’t need more.

Spider reminds her what a real kiss is.

And they’re off to the treehouse.

Then it’s time to work on the Jock influence with some ping pong.

Lol, Nikki’s victory dance.

Ariana had a baby boy!

Billy loves his own baby boy.

I think it’s a bit late for this random girl to be a) out by herself and b) in a bar.

Nikki didn’t get much drumming done before she popped with baby #2.

Toddler Hunter is adorbs! He’s definitely got his daddy’s ears and cheekbones.

And he’s a werewolf.

Nikki saves the rug to teach him potty.

Then practises kicky bag while he sleeps.

That cloud of spray paint seems totally safe for the baby.

Yet the ping pong table is not. Billy is playing with his partner at work, instead.

Hunter learns to talk.

And walk.

Nikki is continuing to analyse seeds and stuff in between other jobs.

Spooky Day. Of course Billy, run ahead by yourself while your heavily pregnant baby mamma carries your son.

Greeting card!

3 thoughts on “Drone 9, chapter 1

  1. Well at least he was holding the baby in the greeting card. I like the cards, I know you had issues later with them, but they were a nice way to see all the different kids and drone. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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