Drone 10, chapter 7

This is it, the final chapter!

Welcome to Sunlit Tides! And our much smaller house. The triplets will be YA in a few days, so the house will get a whole lot smaller before long.

This is called Surfside Overlook and it’s available on the Exchange (or it was in 2018 when I downloaded it).

I’m not going to redo the interior too much, will just recolour stuff. But the top floor has a big bedroom and ensuite for Nikki and Josh, a dorm bedroom for the kids and a third bedroom that will be for Alyssa, plus a bathroom for the kids.

Downstairs, we have an open-plan living room, dining room and kitchen, plus sunroom, toilet and laundry.

Of course, the first thing Nikki and Josh do is christen the new bed.

Now appropriately recoloured in pink and green.

Josh then sits down to teach Alyssa to talk.

Inside, Gwen works on a new book and Lance is doing the homework he brought from Bridgeport.

Jade and Cassie play chess in the upstairs hallway.

After his homework, Lance finds the painting space in the tower room (the spiral staircases you saw in the floorplan photos).

Nikki is off to meet new people and regain her charisma skill challenges.

Can’t remember if I mentioned, but Josh is now in the Law Enforcement career, so he’s questioning people in the library.

While Alyssa does her books.

Scrappy also came with us; he’s refilling the fridge with fish meals.

Alyssa’s first night in her big girl bed, courtesy of

One of the main reasons I chose this house is because of the pool – much easier to keep the mermaids hydrated without them being stuck in the shower all the time. Nikki is the first one to try it out.

Josh teaches Alyssa to walk.

While the older kids play tag.

Nikki invited someone over for a reason I cannot remember anymore. Nor do I know why they are in the kitchen disturbing Scrappy who is trying to cook.

LMAO. Josh came up and planted one on Nikki, right in the middle of her conversation with the townie.

Showing off the tails of the mermaid girls. And I realise I need to edit Jade’s mermaid hair.

They both earned sunburns which look ridiculous with the blue skin.

Adorable toddler spam; we won’t have much more in this challenge.

Poor Jade got dehydrated while at school. Good thing Lance was there to help her out.

The triplets are making friends in the new town.

We slapped down a film studio so Nikki can finish off one last career.

She and Josh celebrate with a naked massage. And some woohoo.

Alyssa is never short of attention, despite her parents being obsessed with one another.

Jade is apparently flirting with Martin Pepper… I may have initiated this, not sure.

She invites him out on a date… then ages up on the side of the road before they can get there.

Yes, it’s time for the triplets to become YAs. Lance is now Nurturing and wants to be Swimming in Cash.

Cassie has Commitment Issues and wants to be a Deep Sea Diver.

While Jade is now Eco-Friendly and wants to be a World-Renowned Surgeon.

Gwen apparently also aged up and this is the best picture I have of her. She now has a Good Sense of Humour.

Jade also maxed out her logic skill right before she aged up.

Hmm, I think Josh might have a favourite. He hasn’t rolled up this many wishes for any other child past toddler stage.

Josh gets a massage this time.

It’s Leisure Day.

And look, we finally got a greeting card! Maybe I should have moved them earlier. This will be the last one for the challenge; today is Alyssa’s birthday, then she will be a teen before the next seasonal holiday in ten days. I decided that teenhood should be the end of the challenge, even though the other drones moved out when the final offspring was a child.

Scrappy and Josh relax next to the pool, waiting for the guests to arrive.

Somehow Connor procured a laser rhythm-a-con and is playing it for the guests.

Alyssa breaks up the party to age up to an adorable child. Her new trait is Artistic.

Random pool scenes.

Lance, I don’t care if you did roll up a wish to kiss her, she’s not going to be your girlfriend. Not only is she pregnant, she’s also married.

So instead, we begin a water balloon fight.

Cassie chats to this lad whose name I didn’t write down.

While Nikki and Alyssa play in the pool.

LOL, the pregnant townie is trying to flirt with Josh.

Good boy! He rejected her a second time that I didn’t catch, as well.

Since we only have eight days left, I decided it was high time Nikki aged up to Adult. Of course, she got a Mid-Life Crisis.

Next morning, Gwen and Nikki go for a swim in the ocean.

Before it’s time for the triplets’ graduation!

For some reason, Jade never changed into her gown, yet she was still able to graduate. Oh well.

Nikki went to work the afternoon after graduation, earning yet another promotion. One to go!

Of course, they celebrate when she gets home.

The triplets moved out right after graduation and two of them have RIs already. Apparently Lance is gay?

Gwen and Alyssa skill as per their wishes; we aren’t really trying to hit any milestones, just passing the time.

Josh has a birthday.

He makes a cute elder!

On the same day, Nikki finally tops the Film career! Another LTW down.

She doesn’t mind Josh’s older form.

Some final hugs between the girls.

And it’s time for the final birthday of the challenge. Meet teen Alyssa; she’s mostly Nikki with Josh’s eye shape and jaw. Gorgeous! Her teen trait is Night Owl.


Thus the challenge is ended. That was a ride. I wasn’t really surprised about which drones Nikki liked the best, nor that she seemed to love Josh the best. No matter what save file, they are always head-over-heels for one another.

Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure. I will put the kids up for download eventually; most of them will be teens, but some will be YA or child, depending on where they fell in birth order. And I’ll be tallying up my score as well.

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