Drone 1, chapter 2

Previously, Nikki chose her first drone in Pete, and they had a son, Felix.

As it’s winter and getting colder, Nikki plants a couple of things inside so she can continue to work on her gardening skill.

Because I like to torture her, she’s also working on her potions. I’m going to try and keep her a YA for the entire challenge
without using the Age Freeze potion. So we’ll try out all the life-extending options.

Pete topped out his martial arts skill and with it his LTW. Those China days really helped him.

He’s now tasked to find gems in space rocks. Though I might need to find a new place for the board breaker, that looks like it hurts.

Snow Day means festival time! As I did with my Baby Boom, I will bring the family to the festival once per season, to get a shot of the family as it grows.

Rare shot of Nikki’s non-maternity winter wear. I may need to change it one of these days to a maternity-enabled outfit.

Leaving baby Felix in the snow, she builds a snowman. Grade A parenting right here.

Pete isn’t much better, choosing to snowboard.

Though he is the one to take Felix home.

And it’s about now that we hired a maid. Can’t have our Queen Bee cleaning up after herself… Even though her Perfectionist trait does mean she does it often.

Nikki decided she wanted to befriend the maid, so that meant he would also be interviewed for her job.

She then rolled up this wish, so I guess it’s baby time once more.

She accosts him the second he gets home from work.

He did earn a promotion, so I guess it’s a celebration?

Slight adjustment to the skilling balcony, so Nikki can listen to kids music while she works on her potions. Multiples are the fastest way to get all the kids out.

Apparently, Mike is trying to keep up with Nikki’s kids.

We’re not doing sparkly shots for all 60 kids, so here is toddler Felix. He has Pete’s hair and eye colour, not sure about the rest yet.

I’m not sure why, but the sims keep choosing to lie on the bed to read? There are plenty of chairs around, even two in this bedroom, yet still Pete chose the bed. I believe this is an opportunity book.

Pregnancy #2 is confirmed!

Lmao, not to be left behind, Dylan produces triplets!

And a second later, he impregnates a different woman. Slow down, boys!

Felix is not good at this blocks thing.

The new fenced garden. Doesn’t look like a gate you say? Game says it is, and it keeps the zombies out, so win!

Pete is an adult already. Time flies!

He has maxed more skills than Nikki has… so far. Now it’s time to search for a deathfish!

Nikki is slowly working her way up the career ladder. Law Enforcement was perhaps not the best choice for a first option, but it is helping her make tons of friends; she should be friends or better with most co-workers and bosses from now on.

3 potions down, 7 to go!

Pete fishes at the graveyard.

That is
not a death fish.

But it’s a pretty decent alternate! This will ensure no accidents happen to Nikki.

Baby time, just after work (thus the strange jumpsuit).

It’s a boy!

Correction, mixed twins! Stefan and Emilia are the new additions. I’ll give their stats when they age up to toddlers.

Nikki continues interviewing sims for reports.

And Dylan continues to beat Nikki at her own game. This will make
FIVE children, assuming no more multiples.

Birthday time! Stefan is adorable and a Nikki clone. He’s Athletic and Loves the Heat; his colour is Spice Brown.

Emilia is a mix, I think. She has Pete’s hair and eye colour and skintone (the boys both have Nikki’s skintone). She is Brave and Perceptive with the colour Aqua, like Felix.

Child Felix, definitely not a clone. His new trait is Daredevil.

Now that we have one child capable of walking himself, we can get to the spring festival!

Interesting that it’s always Pete holding the child.

The benefit of toddlers is that I can tell them to sleep while the others have fun.

Felix hunts eggs.

While his parents flirt with one another. Love Day means lots of flirting/kissing wishes.

Pete wants to teach Stefan to walk. Though I may not show pics of every skill, all the toddlers will have their three basic skills taught. Whether they are taught by parents or the store skilling objects depends on if the parents roll wishes to teach them.

Case in point: Emilia is learning to walk in the walker.

While Stefan works on his xylo skills.

Nikki wished to go on a date with Pete, so they call a babysitter and off they go. Pete surprised her with flowers.

Some cuddles.

Then she wanted to go steady, so sure. None of them will get further than steady, and only then if Nikki wishes so. We are
not marrying any of the drones (except maybe the last 😉 ).

Back home, Emilia is skilled up as per her parents’ wishes.

And Nikki topped her second skill.

Pete loves his kids. He’s always rolling up wishes to interact with the toddlers.

Pregnancy #3 is confirmed.

Back to the potions table for you, Nikki.

Again with the lying on a bed instead of sitting in a chair. Now she’s learning recipes, as per her wish.

A chair for this second, most important one.

That’s one part down! Now to find the ingredients.

The second she completed the recipe, she received this opportunity. Yes, please! I prefer to have sims cook meals they have ingredients for, so having a steady supply of eggs and cheese greatly increases the options.

This is Lakeshia Earthsong; Felix brought her home from school.

They quickly made friends.

Apparently, Mike found out Dylan is speeding ahead.

Nikki maxed out gardening and completed her first LTW. We will be using nraas MasterController to cycle through the LTWs – need all the points!

Pete got another promotion, now L9.

Felix brought another girl home from school; this is Cristy Moore, one of Dylan’s children. In case you couldn’t tell from the fairy wings.

Speaking of children, it’s time for more kids in this household.

More mixed twins! These two are Cara and John. Oh so very Polish names, I know.

(Cara is actually a name from a story I wrote, where Pete raised Josh’s child as if it was his own)

Nikki finally earned another promotion. We will be using those LTH points for some job helpers right away.

More birthdays! Stefan rolled Can’t Stand Art for his child trait.

While Emilia rolled Heavy Sleeper. She has an interesting mix of features; hopefully she’ll grow into them.

Yay, now we can have Eggplants and Cheeseplants.

Two days fly by; it’s time for more toddlers already. John is Evil and Athletic; his colour is purple.

Not sure where his black hair and gold eyes came from, but he’s a face clone of Emilia – just on Nikki’s skintone.

Cara has Nikki’s hair and Pete’s eye colour and skintone, but I think her face is a mix. She might be my favourite so far! She’s Clumsy and Loves the Cold and her colour is Red.

Sim Nano:
Word count: 1236
Pic count: 74

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