Drone 1, chapter 3

Previously, Nikki had two sets of mixed twins, bringing Pete’s children to 5.

Toddler skilling commences.

John is
not impressed.

The older kids are skilling and socialising at the same time.

Leisure Day is here… and it’s raining.

But we can still get a greeting card. Poor John is almost hidden by Felix.

It’s about now I remember that I didn’t customise the athletic outfits for the kids. Oh well. Felix and Stefan play soccer.

Emilia gets her face painted.

Then Pete joins the water balloon fight with the three eldest kids.

Back home, Nikki is working on her potions. She finally maxed out the Logic skill.

Then promptly blew herself up.

But persistence pays off; she’s finally discovered the potion she’s after.

Pete has been helping out in the garden, enough to max the skill.

She left work the next day to pop with her final pregnancy with Pete.

But went back in long enough to earn herself a promotion to L9!

Pete has now topped out his career as well. He’s doing better than Nikki, at this stage.

Felix gets in one last joy ride.

Before his birthday to teen. Those muscles are kind of ridiculous for a sim who has
just aged up!
His teen trait is No Sense of Humour.
Felix is a mix of his parents, with Nikki’s overall face, jaw and nose, and Pete’s eyes and mouth.

Emilia is working on her cooking skill. Not sure why Stefan is singed behind her… potion accident, maybe?

Nikki is working on her athletic skill, complete with cute lil’ bump.

Before she finds the last potion she needs.

And teaches Felix to drive, as per her wishes.

Oops, missed the labour shot. Pete’s final child is a girl named Hannah. She’s a Rebellious Virtuoso who loves Aqua (again! That’s three out of Pete’s six.)

Teens are so helpful with the little ones!

When she gets home from the hospital, Nikki drinks the Young Again potion; just in time, she only had 2 days left as a YA.

Birthdays again. Cara’s child trait is Excitable.

While John’s is Loves the Outdoors.

Cara’s first act as a child is to catch the bandits.

And we have our first full bedroom. When Hannah becomes a child it will be time for Pete and the kids to move out.

For now, she’s a toddler. And our first full-on Nikki clone with hair and eyes and everything.

Pete swoops in for tickles.

Then gets started on the training.

Mike is outdoing Nikkie at her own game. He has NINE children already. From three or four different mothers.

Teen birthdays! Emilia’s new trait is Natural Cook. Her face is mostly Nikki, with Pete’s nose and skintone.

Stefan’s new trait is Over-Emotional. He’s all Nikki, with Pete’s ears.

The younger twins are painting, for something to do.

Nikki finally got her final promotion and topped out her first career. Also completing the LTW to top the career.

She wishes to join the military career next, so that’s what we do.

Lakeisha Earthsong aged up, and Felix has decided he wants to romance her.

Romance accomplished!

And watching the stars, because it’s adorable.

Nikki has now rolled up this wish. We will do that shortly.

She also got another promotion.

Cara got an opportunity to make a friend with a classmate.

And Diana is cute, too.

Nikki is best friends with four of the kids and good friends with the other two. Her relationships shouldn’t decline given she’s fulfilled all the charisma skill challenges, so this should stay the same.

Spooky Day!

The last greeting card for Pete’s bunch of kids.

Pete and Stefan bob for apples.

Felix braved the haunted house.

While Nikki got her face painted.

Then she begins teaching Stefan to drive.

John & Cara play catch.

Pete then decided to tell a ghost story, pulling in both Emilia and Felix.

Emilia gives us a witch gnome. We only get points for unique gnomes in this challenge, unfortunately.

When she completes the handiness challenges, Nikki will start making things unbreakable. Until then, she’s being cautious with her death flower.

Pete also played in the haunted house and came out as a ghost.

Nikki is now working on handiness, in case it’s not obvious.

The wall of greeting cards for Pete’s kids.

Hannah is now a child! Her new trait is Charismatic.

And with that, Pete’s time with Nikki is over. It’s time for drone 2!


Sim Nano:

Words: 730
Pics: 64

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