Drone 2, chapter 1

Previously, Pete’s time in the QB house came to an end.

Mike is the first of the other potentials that Nikki sees, so he gets hugs.

And then a flirt.

Nikki is swarmed by her kids with Pete and I suddenly realise I forgot a very important step; to break up with Pete!

Now that’s done, we can move onto the next drone.

She asked Mike to the club and they met in the flowers for some reason?

Romantic drinks!

And amorous hugs.

And he’s moved in! He’s in the music career, so needs guitar skill.

LOL, checking out his relationship panel. He has SIX relationships.

And NINE children. Before Nikki got her claws into him. Damn, he got around.

(yes, he’s on the rainbow slider, because I love coloured sims)

Nikki is now working on her athletic skill, and giving us some gorgeous scenery pictures to boot.

Before long she’s run 500 km.

And got a promotion.

Then she maxed handiness. So much progress in a short space of time.

I made Mike break up with his three active romantic interests before Nikki got in on the act.

Their first kiss didn’t take long.

But Nikki is already way ahead of him (and me).

Luckily, Mike is amenable.

Nikki decides to try her hand at martial arts; it didn’t go so well.

Since his performance was quite high, I had Mike befriend his boss (Astrid Petridge) and ask for a promotion.

She agreed!

Breaking foam boards in the snow.

Baby onboard. One of these days I need to change Nikki’s outfits so they’re all maternity enabled before the pop.

Mike got a promotion

Then plays for tips at the club.

And does the gardening when he gets home. All the drones need to help out with the garden.

Nikki earned another promotion.

And Pete is an elder already. Damn, the time has just

Mike somehow figured out that Nikki was pregnant, and decided he should read up on pregnancy.

Just in time, because Nikki’s in labour.

It’s twin boys! Ares (purple) is an Evil Genius and Chaos (pink) is Lucky and Insane. The Nikki/Mike ship name is Nike, so Mike’s kids will be Greek mythology names.

Finally caught the moment of maxing a skill.

And with that comes another completed LTW.

We bought a bunch of things for Nikki to upgrade.

She’s aiming for 100% of unique upgrades; this makes 10.

Toddler gods! Chaos has Nikki’s hair and eyes.

Ares has Mike’s hair and eyes.

Just in time for Snowflake Day!

Mike’s first greeting card. We didn’t waste any time with him.

Mike made a snowman.

While Nikki got her face painted.

Then she takes the opportunity of not being pregnant to go snowboarding.

Mike chooses the ice rink.

Back home, each of the parents take a toddler to train – they both only rolled training wishes for one child, which makes things easy.

Aw, elderly Pete is engaged.

I forgot to grab the screenshot, but Hannah aged up to teen. And so Nikki has now raised 5 babies to teenagers.

So that must mean it’s time for a nooboo. Nikki isn’t rolling many wishes toward Mike; there’s not much romance between them. They’re better friends/roommates.

She had to leave work for the baby pop.

This pregnancy she’s working on painting, because I want something to decorate the house. The fact that it’s right next to the stereo totally has nothing to do with it 😉

Just before birthdays, I found this random glitch. Somehow Ares has reached L10 of the Magician career while a toddler? And it’s showing in his Skills stats?

Moving on… meet child Ares. He rolled Childish as his child trait.

Chaos had some issues; he pulled the ‘won’t age up and go Face One when he’s reset’ trick. Thankfully, I’d saved his toddler makeover, so was able to put his face back and age him up. It results in some fun graphic glitches like this one.

Apologies, I didn’t get a facial closeup, because of the issues.

Mike earned another promotion.

The boys are set to work learning some skills. I’m not going to push them too hard, but neither may they slack off entirely.

Time for more babies.

Another set of twin boys. Apollo (skin tone) is a Good Daredevil, Eros (pink) is Family Oriented and Hates the Outdoors.

Chaos paints creepy things…

Nikki completed another skill challenge.

Nikki earns another promotion.

Emilia is pregnant with Nikki’s first grandchild.

Mike plays guitar, listens to a tabcast and watches over the babies all at the same time.

Stefan and Latisha are still going strong.

Toddler time! Apollo is adorable.

As is Eros.

Mike is straight onto the training.

Peek-a-boo time!

And Ares puts his genie powers to use to change his brother’s diaper.

Dylan is now dating Mike’s daughter… that’s slightly disturbing. Though I guess there’s nothing
wrong with it, they’re not related in any way.

Mike earns a promotion, finally.

Nikki finishes up the potty training.

Love Day!

So many colours in this greeting card.

Mike buys a kiss.

Ares tries for face paint and fails.

Chaos hunts for eggs.

Mike and Nikki try out the love tester.

Burning, cool.

Then they slow dance together.

With Nikki taking the lead, as per usual.

Ares gets his face paint right the second time.

Then he and Chaos play horseshoes together.

Nikki drinks another YA potion. I will have to get her working on the Ambrosia one of these days, just for the challenge.

When they get home, she finishes up the last of the toddler


Sim Nano:

Words: 922
Pics: 88

2 thoughts on “Drone 2, chapter 1

  1. A very colorful family now. The kids here are also super cute, I love all the colors and all the babies. It is sort of funny that Niki’s son is dating Mike’s daughter….I guess that’s what happens when Mike has 6 relationships and 9 kids before meeting Nikki. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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