Drone 3, chapter 2

Previously, Dylan, Nikki’s third drone produced triplets for the first pregnancy.

Oops, seems I was mistaken; this is the final skill for the triplets.

Not sure why Dylan is wearing glasses, career outfit must be messed up.

Nikki pops with the pregnancy.

And goes right back to smelting metal. Surely that’s more dangerous for the baby than ice skating or lifting weights?

It’s about this time that Nikki switched LTWs, completing Private Museum and moving onto Chess Legend.

Playing chess outside, while it’s snowing, in your sleeveless formal outfit. Oh, Nikki.

Emilia is pregnant again.

It’s almost spring, almost forgot to go to the festival! Since there are only two sims able to carry babies, Isaac and Anika are taken and Noah is left at home with a babysitter.

We had to get a greeting card while the first toddlers are still toddlers!

Yet another non-dangerous activity that pregnant sims cannot partake in…

While Dylan skated, the snow on the ground melted. Seems winter is ending.

This picture sums up how well the babysitter took care of Noah. Swimsuit, blue from jellybeans, and playing with the VR headset…

But it’s okay, because the triplets are now children. Noah’s new trait is Friendly.

Anika’s face is a bit weird; I don’t think Dylan’s skintone works very well on children. Her new trait is Technophobe.

Sad Isaac is now a Workaholic. I had fun playing with his Eccentric trait while dressing him.

Brave Anika’s first action as a child is to check for monsters; she was safe this time.

Isaac chose the rocking horse.

While Mr Genius chose the chess table. Anika rolled up a wish to learn the logic skill, so I sent her down as well.

Don’t mind the water breaking, must. make. bed.

It’s a girl!

Actually, it’s twin girls! Elke and Sofie will be introduced properly when they toddler-fy.

One computer just wasn’t cutting it anymore, so I switched around the room a bit and added some more.

Fairies… always dancing when you leave them for a minute alone.

Dylan found the nooboos! He is always playing with the kids and rolling wishes toward them.

Apollo finally found love. I love the name Quiana, always glad when the game puts it in for me.

We moved the board breaker inside and added an inventing table next to the dive pool. Safety first!

I had honestly forgotten Nikki was in the Culinary career; she hasn’t had a promotion in so long.

Cara has a steady boyfriend.

Anika wanted a toy oven, so she’s put to work learning the skill.

While Isaac desperately wanted to find some scrap, so sure.

Toddler time! Sofie likes Lime and is an Insane Virtuoso.

Elke likes Orange and is a Daredevil who Loves the Heat.

Training begins in earnest. Sofie is not happy with the current events.

Dancing fairies, parts 2 and 3. Noah is already smustling and he’s only been a child for 2 days.

Potty training, in their matching PJs.

I have no idea who this is; seems he came home with one of the triplets and Isaac befriended him.

More chess!

Oh, damn. Should have mopped up the water first, Dylan. Luckily, he didn’t die on me.

The kids do get to have fun on occasion; Noah goes on a joy ride.

While Isaac chooses a submarine adventure.

So many “kiss Nikki/Dylan” wishes…

And woohoo wishes. One of these days, Risky will hit.

Earthquake! This will help Dylan with his Rescued Sims count.

I didn’t get pics, but he got another 10 or so.

Nikki is making progress on her skill challenges and her current LTW.

Whoops, Noah got sploded.

Last pregnancy with Dylan!

These girls will be the first to complete all the toddler books. I’ve only just realised there are points on offer for this, so we’ll try to get all the kids to do it from now on!

Moar painting! We have a strategy for this; eventually, Nikki will take on the painting career and the more paintings she does early, the more time they will have to appreciate.

Teen time! Anika’s new trait is Brooding, so she gets an emo makeover and blue streaked hair. She’s all Dylan, except for Nikki’s nose.

The other two I will get closeups of later in the chapter.

Felix is the first of Nikki’s kids to turn elder, pigtails and all.

Pregnant Nikki goes on a cooking spree.

While Dylan has decided he must teach ALL THE KIDS how to drive. Yes, I changed his LTW because we weren’t going to get to the firefighting one during this challenge.

Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean they stop rolling up wishes for one another.

Love Day!

Greeting card. I think Dylan is the first one to have teens before his final child is even born.

Dylan bought a kiss.

Lmao, and the girl then did this. Don’t think I’ve seen that before. He does have the Great Kisser trait…

Isaac got his face painted. And this is a good time to check out his face. He’s all Nikki, with Dylan’s ears. His teen trait is Vegetarian.

Noah is a face clone of Isaac. His teen trait is Good.
As expected, he chose to dance at the festival.

Lmao, so not surprised Nikki and Dylan got the top score on the love inspector.

Nikki and Anika play horseshoes.

Dylan teaches Isaac to drive. In the firetruck. As you do.

Leaving Noah to take care of the toddlers. Though you can see from the icon above his head that he actually wished to interact with them.

Updated greeting card wall.

Time for Dylan’s last child.

Baby boy! This is Hendrik. He’s a Lucky Hyrdophobe who likes Spice Brown.

The teens are trying to find prom dates. This is Reisa Chesterfield.

Noah likes her.

Flirt accepted.

Then she disappears…

Isaac is gay, so invited over Glenn Song.

While chatting, he rolls up this wish.

Except Glenn has to go to work before we can fulfil the wish.

Anika’s choice is Fred Wynn.

Flirts accepted.

First kiss!

And prom date, woot!

Meanwhile, Isaac caught himself on fire.

Which is precisely why the dive well is there.



Words: 1001
Pics: 85

One thought on “Drone 3, chapter 2

  1. Ah, the last kid. The prom dates are cute, I’m just getting ready to have my first prom in the wishacy I’m doing. Excited to see what it brings here. All these kids have been get exhausting after a while I would think…still you are doing a LOT with them.

    Liked by 1 person

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