Drone 3, chapter 3

Previously, the second pregnancy resulted in twins and the final child was a singleton.

We begin with child birthdays for the twins. Elke’s child trait is Angler.

Sofie’s is Unflirty. Both of them have interesting faces; hopefully they will grow into their features!

They start working on their blocks.

Nikki earned another promotion.

And she’s back to ranked chess matches; this man looks like a child of Mike’s, though I didn’t note down his name.

Anika found the hopscotch court.

While the boys continue skilling.

Noah has now maxed out his logic skill.

Elke wanted to go fishing, so sure.

Brownies for breakfast; totally healthy.

Dylan maxed his gardening skill.

The only notable popups from prom; the other two didn’t end up getting dates, so their proms sucked.

Sofie has a jellybean addiction.

Nikki finally completed the Chess Legend LTW!

And then proceeded to cycle through a bunch of others: Jack of all Trades, The Tinkerer, Culinary Librarian, Super Popular and Swimming in Cash.

She also maxed out her Nectar Making skill; we’re going to try to complete the Bottomless Nectar Seller, which I’ve never done before.

Sofie found the piano.

Hendrik aged up to toddler and he’s adorable! Nikki’s hair and skintone, Dylan’s eye colour.

Noah is on toddler training duty.

Nikki is busy making ambrosia.

Young once more!

Dylan was abducted. Hopefully, he doesn’t come back pregnant.

The next day, I sent him on a job then left him alone. Came back to find him dancing.

When there are still people to be saved! Damn fairies…

Nikki topped her painting skill.

Aw, Chaos, Glenn was supposed to be Isaac’s RI.

So many woohoo wishes…

I left them fulfill it when they have time. The house is full, so no risk of pregnancy.

The only skill that either parent wished to teach Hendrik was walking, so Dylan is onto it.

Henrik reads his books.

Nikki completed her 30 paintings.

Elke went on a submarine adventure.

And it’s only now that I remember we can use fairy auras to help with skilling! Noah is helping himself and Anika with an aura of creativity.

This is Jarret Nelson, Elke brought him home from school.

So we started a mega game of tag around the yard.

Chaos is engaged… to a different guy than the one he stole from Isaac.

Eros and his fiance are pregnant.

Not a second after the bachelor party, Chaos is single once more.

While Eros and Precious had a shotgun wedding.

Nikki topped the culinary career and completed that LTW, not to mention getting us the special fridge!

Isaac also topped his part-time career. Which I may or may not have told you guys that he started.

Elke is now a teen… who looks rather a lot like a man. Dylan’s jaw does not work on females. She also has his nose, with Nikki’s mouth and eye shape. She’s now a Never Nude.

Sofie didn’t get a close-up, but she’s now a Natural Born Performer. Her face is all Nikki’s, with the exception of Dylan’s mouth.

Since she wished it, Nikki’s next career will be politics.

She’s also now started working on instruments.

Just coz he’s cute.

Dylan is now up to getting gems out of space rocks.

Noah is now tasked with helping out in the garden.

While Nikki plays for tips at the festival.

And Elke goes fishing.

And Dylan teaches Sofie to drive in the firetruck.

Only to be stopped for Dylan’s birthday on the side of the road.

Elke loves all bodies of water; she’s very good at diving already.

Leisure Day!

Dylan’s last greeting card.

He and Nikki play soccer together.

Sofie got her face painted.

Meanwhile, the other four teens have a water balloon fight.

Back home, Nikki earned her first promotion in the political career.

Then every gathers in the upstairs room to share Dylan’s fairy aura.

Before Hendrik’s child birthday. He’s now a Green Thumb.

And with that, Dylan’s time in the Hive house is done.


Words: 655
Pics: 67

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