Drone 5, chapter 2

Previously, Nikki’s fifth drone was chosen as Kate McGregor. They had twins then triplets.

Nikki earned another promotion.

Birthday time! Jim’s new trait is Excitable.

Craig’s is Photographer’s Eye.

Nikki is now up to sculpting with stone. I changed out her traits so she has Savvy Sculptor, so she won’t break her stone sculptures.

Kate earned another promotion.

Triplet birthdays now. Ivy has random light brown hair and yellow eyes… guess they’re grandparent genes? I’m surprised we haven’t seen it before now, she’s child #26.

Jasper is adorable. He has Nikki’s hair and eyes, with Kate’s skintone.

Andrew is also cute; he has the same colouring as Jasper.

Skilling begins in earnest! As you can see from the background, each child is worked until they’re too tired to continue. With triplets, we did have to utilise the walker.

Craig works on his blocks.

While Jim wanted to learn potions.

Updates from the extended family:

Ares has a girlfriend. Who is now pregnant.

Chaos’ baby mama had a baby girl.

Cutie! We laid out the books for the third triplet to skill while the other two do their xylo and pegs. Hopefully, they can get through most of them, so we don’t need to juggle toddlers to and from the library.

I was so focused on skilling up the triplets that I lost track of the older two. Found Craig at a random house watching TV with some kids that AREN’T relatives! Make friends with that girl, STAT, Craig!

Nikki has made 20 sculptures already.

And sooo many meals.

Jim took a submarine adventure in the tub.

Viola and Timpani Maitland both aged up to YA and promptly fell pregnant to Caetano relatives.

All three triplets are done with the xylo and pegs, now working on their books. I think Jasper is reading wrong… not supposed to sit on the book!

Kate earned another promotion and completed her LTW!

Time for some celebratory woohoo!

Ares’ girlfriend had a baby boy.

Craig has decided he wants to learn painting.

Kate and Nikki took their sparring to the library.

While the boys finish up their books. I didn’t get many shots of her, but Ivy finished hers at home.

Baby pop for Kate’s final child.

The boys are best of friends, so I decided they could skill together.

Nikki earned another promotion; she’s only up to L5, because she keeps getting arrested.

She didn’t come straight home after work, instead going to the graveyard to fish for deathfish. In the snow.

And done! That’s another skill challenge completed.

Birthday time for the triplets. Andrew’s new trait is Frugal. I do believe he is Nikki’s first child with this trait.

Jasper’s new trait is Technophobe. Guess he’s not going to be a writer. Then again, he’s Artistic, so he’s predetermined to be a painter.

Ivy is possibly my favourite of Kate’s kids. Her new trait is Unflirty. Great, she’s not going to have any children to pass on her awesome genes.

Andrew works on his blocks with Jim, while Craig bakes.

Nikki made eggs rolls and we tried to have a family dinner. Only, Kate and Nikki were downstairs and finished with their food before the kids got there.

Next day is Snowflake Day, thus our traditional pilgrimage to the festival.

I think this is the first greeting card without any toddlers
or teens.

Nikki makes a snowman with Jim, while Craig makes his own.

And Kate makes one with Ivy.

Oops, baby incoming. Snowmen were unfinished.

The kids go skating while Nikki goes home to have the baby.

Kate’s final child is a boy! This is Charles, he’s Disciplined and Loves the Cold and likes White.

Kate maxed out her martial arts skill.

Whoops, Nikki is on fire!

The dive well comes to the rescue once again.

Teen birthdays. Now Jim Can’t Stand Art. He has Nikki’s overall face, jaw and eye shape with Kate’s nose and mouth.

Craig’s closeup will come later; his new trait is Childish.

Charles is flying… glitchy save is glitchy.

Nikki finally made it to L6. Next promotion we will have to choose the path; she’s so far not wished for either.

She is also now a Master Sculptor; she’s made 5 with each material.

Thus we’re onto inventing. The final skill she needs for the Descendant of Da Vinci LTW.

Charles is now a toddler and he’s so cute! Kate’s blonde hair and Nikki’s turquoise eyes.

He’s made to learn how to walk by himself.

But Kate teaches him to talk.

And she topped out the Business career.

Ivy is the first child to find the costume chest… it’s been here since the beginning. She makes a cute dinosaur, though.

Jasper loves the rocking horse.

Jim decided to do his homework outside the spa after he finished his shift there.

Charles does his books.

I’m not pushing this lot of kids too hard; they play a lot of computer games.

Until it’s Love Day!

This will be Kate’s last greeting card; Charles’ birthday is in two days.

Kate and Nikki use the love tester; Passionate is more than I expected from them. They are so not demonstrative, don’t roll wishes toward one another or do any autonomous romance.

Andrew plays horseshoes with Nikki, while Jasper played with Chris.

Craig’s teen shot, complete with bunny facepaint. He mostly has Kate’s features, on Nikki’s overall face shape.

Ivy’s first attempt at facepaint failed.

Second was successful!

She and Craig and Kate dance the afternoon away.

Then Craig comes home and makes adorable faces while playing with the toddler toys.

Nikki got another promotion; she chose the Thief career path.

Craig brought a friend home from school.

This is Rickie Maitland, son of Robin and Donovan; he was conceived when they woohoo’d at Nikki’s Pool Party last chapter.

Charles is now a child! His new trait is Lucky.

Nikki takes the chance to tutor him and work on her logic skill challenges some more.

Jasper disappoints me by painting the notorious Twilight painting.

Ivy is using the telescope to skill up logic.

The reason I didn’t end the chapter earlier; we were waiting for the triplets’ teen birthdays! His new trait is Unlucky. He’s mostly Nikki, with Kate’s eye shape.

Ivy is so gorgeous. Not surprising, she’s a Nikki clone with Kate’s skintone. Her new trait is Handy.

Jasper’s new trait is Family Oriented. He’s also a Nikki clone, just with Kate’s ears.

And now it’s time to break up.


Words: 1066
Pics: 85

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