Drone 6, chapter 1

Previously, Kate’s final child was born, ending with 5 boys and a single girl.

Nikki earned another promotion, finally. Thank goodness for opportunities!

Despite having already been to the festival this season, Nikki called up her next drone and invited him there. This is Robert; he’s an alien.

As with Kate, since he and Nikki are already friends, it doesn’t take long for them to become romantic interests as well.

The minute she and Robert kissed for the first time, Nikki rolled up a slew of wishes for him.

Some of them, we completed right away. Boyfriend secured!

Robert’s first greeting card.

She then wanted to buy a kiss. Why, Nikki, when you get so many kisses free from your drones? Or maybe they shouldn’t be considered ‘free’, since she does have to carry and birth their children…

Robert decided he wanted to get his face painted. He was then promptly moved into the house.

Robert’s trait card (sans alien occult type).

His fist task in the house was to quit his business job and take a job as a self-employed writer. On account of his new LTW to be a professional author.

His next task is to restore his brain power, which was running dangerously low. With Robert not needing sleep and Nikki using a moodlet manager, prepare for many all-nighters.

He’s then put to work penning his first novel.

However, as with previous drones, he has to help around the house, too. Nikki is far too busy with her skill challenges for tasks like gardening.

Scott gives us these popups one after another. Sees he’s finally settling down… maybe.

Since we have far too much money, and Nikki doesn’t have the time or inclination to search through endless junk piles, we buy a plane sculpture.

And then detonate it.

So much scrap collected.

More promotions. We seem to be speeding up as she gets closer to the top. The first few levels were a slog.

Somehow Nikki was able to continue inventing after being singed? She then caught herself on fire, which meant a dip in the dive pool was required.

Prepare yourself to see many, many pics of Robert at a laptop. It’s pretty much all he does.

Until he screws up the courage to kiss Nikki, that is.

She took control from there, as she is wont to do.

Mr Neurotic ensures the sinks aren’t going to flood the house.

While Nikki got a speaker so she can listen to kids music while she invents.

Naw, Isaac adopted a child! He’s one of Nikki’s sons with Dylan, if you forgot. But that’s okay, because we’re moving and leaving him behind anyway.

Welcome to Aurora Skies! I was getting bored of Hidden Springs, with 2/3 sims related to Nikki, and the same house. So we have a fresh save file and a new house. Only Kate and her offspring joined us on the move, everyone else stayed in Hidden Springs.

Upstairs of the new house (despite the exterior shot, there are only two floors). Nikki’s bedroom in pink bottom right, kids’ dorm bottom left. Bottom middle is Nikki’s esuite and 3 all-in-one bathrooms above it. Creative room at the top, with misc other skilling items in the hallway in between.

Downstairs. Nursery bottom left, TV room bottom right. Kitchen/dining room top right, garage top left, bathroom and misc reading area in the middle.
I also just now realised I didn’t take a pic of the basement; it has a music room and a gym.

Nikki’s inventing and alchemy stations are set up in the backyard (with the dive well close at hand; that’s the concrete edge you can see on the far right of the pic). Complete with wall stereo for the kids music. Being as we moved after Nikki fell pregnant but before the pop, there was no opportunity for a shot – she arrived in Aurora Skies knowing she was pregnant.

Robert tries out the new computer area.

It didn’t take long for Nikki to max her Inventing skill and complete the Descendant of Da Vinci LTW.

Robert takes up painting to relieve the stress of writing.

All the greeting cards made the move unscathed!

Robert is also tasked with upgrading the new plumbing. Most was brought over, but we no longer have room for separate baths and showers.

Nikki refills the fridge; somehow all the leftovers spoiled during the move, even with the ‘no spoiling’ fridge.
I found a laptop in Robert’s inventory; he’s going to use this to write on while the babies are little, so he’s close by if they need him.

It was a full moon on the first night in Aurora Skies. The zombie was most displeased he was unable to get through the door.

Lol, Nikki made a bunch of things using her ghost chillis… apparently she doesn’t like hot food.

Time for the first babies. Not sure whether Robert is freaking out at Nikki in labour, or the puddle on the floor. Mr Neat wished to mop it up before they even left the house.

Robert insisted on going to the hospital for the birth. We come out with mixed twins! Nikki is carrying the boy, Nero, while Robert carries the girl, Lucia. Nikki and Robert’s ship name is Niro, so their children will be named after significant people in Roman history.

Nikki is only jut putting Nero in the swing, and Robert already has the mop out.

Then it’s back to writing, while the twins swing.

Nikki went over to her boss’ house to get to know her before her first shift.

For some unknown reason, the boss decided to go inside and boo Nikki, rather than socialise.

Synchronised baby caring!

Robert is now wishing to upgrade things, so he changes the stereo – ‘wire house with speakers’ makes everyone wake up regardless if there’s a speaker in their room, or not.

To celebrate the new town, I gave Nikki a makeover. Don’t get too used to the outfit, it doesn’t stay long since it’s not maternity-enabled.

Just your average day in the Caetano household.

Nikki found a few more things to get unique upgrades!

And we have a couple new gnomes.

She also finally mixed 150 elixirs.

Birthday time! Nero is a Disciplined Virtuoso who likes Red. He has Robert’s black hair and Nikki’s turquoise eyes.

Lucia likes Purple. She’s a Hydrophobic Virtuoso. She has Nikki’s dark brown hair… but her eyes look much lighter than Nikki’s. Robert’s are brown…?

Toddler training!

Interrupted by some flirting.

Then it’s back to work.


Nikki is now working on throwing 50 elixirs at people. Apparently she made an ant sim?

This guy became a werewolf. Yes, we’re using this as a way to introduce some occults into town.

Baby pop! This will become Nikki’s new permanent outfit later. So annoying having to change to maternity when she’s pregnant so often.

Another career topped, another LTW completed.

Toddler training is finished up.

Then Nikki is back to the inventing table. She’s making hygienators to get to 100 ‘Big’ inventions.


Words: 1174
Pics: 67

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      1. Am totally going to have to experiment when I get Volus into handiness after he join firefighting. The umbrella is just something I have never thought about upgrading before. I’ll have to find an online possibility list.


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