Drone 6, chapter 2

Previously, Robert was revealed as the sixth drone. He and Nikki had mixed alien twins Nero and Lucia.

I can’t remember why I took this… perhaps to show Robert reading a pregnancy book, as per his wish? Or maybe it’s the first time anyone has used the little reading area next to the bookshelves.

Lucia is working on her pegs. And is annoyed by them not fitting into the holes.

Our pregnant Master Thief. Since she can’t change jobs while pregnant, may as well earn some more money by staying at the top of her field.

Poor Robert keeps rolling up this wish. Nikki has never rolled anything of the sort. He’s a bit lovelost.

Leisure Day means it’s time for the festival!

The first greeting card in Aurora Skies. There is still some work to be done on the save files to transfer the others, so don’t be surprised if you see some blank cards. We will fix them in time.

Both of the adults are writing more books; Nikki is now working on the writing skill challenges.

While the twins read their toddler books.

They only just manage to get home before Nikki goes into labour.

It’s a baby girl! Her name is Octavia.

Since we removed the cribs from the house, Nikki decided to place Octavia outside while she birthed the second baby. Cassius is the second of the mixed twins.

With the babies removed from her womb, Nikki moves onto the Medical career.

Robert is left to look after the babies while he works on his Handiness.

The older twins play with toys Nikki has invented.

Nikki is trying out her time machine.

Toddler time! This is adorable Cassius. He’s Absent-Minded and a Heavy Sleeper, who likes Aqua.

I neglected to get a good face shot of Octavia. She’s an Eccentric Coward who likes Sea Foam.

The older twins are done with all their skilling, so they’re relegated to the swings.

In between all this, Robert has finally completed his LTW.

Which means he can help with the toddler training.

Octavia is made to learn to walk by herself.

Cassius is much better at the pegs than Lucia was.

Nikki earns her first promotion in the medical career.

We only had four toddlers for a day; the older two have their birthdays the next night. Nero is now Good.

While Lucia is Grumpy.

They both gravitate to the musical instruments right away. Ah, Virtuosos, so predictable.

Robert maxed out his writing and handiness skills in quick succession.

Nikki earned another promotion.

Then had the first work opportunity. Time to meet some of the townies.

This town seems to have a problem with ant sims.

Nero chose to take a joy ride after school, instead of coming straight home.

While Lucia paints with her father.

She is not happy with something about the all-in-one bathroom… maybe it’s broken?

Nikki found a new outfit in the future!

We recoloured it to fit her.

Robert checks the sink for leaks.

I thought the virtuosos would be magnetised to the instruments all the time, but Nero loves wandering around the house, finding new things to play with.

Nikki tutors both the twins until they have an A; still working on those logic skill challenges.

Robert is fighting the maid over who gets to clean up the leaves.

Note: I have changed his skin to a specific alien one. It’s called Assuming Direct Control and is made by sim-it-up and can be found here. The other kids have all had their skins changed as well; they are all on the same tone, just in various positions on the slider.

Since it’s the weekend, we take the toddlers to the library for their books, even though they haven’t finished all their other skills. There will be plenty of time at home during the week for them to do the toys.

Nikki has decided it’s time for another baby.

They chose the all-in-one bathroom, which is gross, but if it works…

Ah, I was wondering when the virtuosos would get back to the instruments.

Our other twins are now confident poopers. And this serves to show that Octavia is the first to inherit Robert’s brown eyes (not that you can see them on him).

One of the kids brought Freddie Berge home from school, so Lucia sets about befriending him.

Nero is too busy playing on the rocking horse.

Interesting tactic, playing tag while carrying an umbrella.

Better shot of Robert’s new skin; there is some really cool scale detail.

The younger twins are left to their own devices, as they’ve completed their skilling.

Nikki pops with baby #5.

Robert completes a Masterpiece.

And with it, tops the writing career.

Birthday time! Cassius’ new trait is Bookworm.

While Octavia’s is Handy. Both of them have a darker position on the slider than Robert.

Cassius is straight onto the blocks.

While Octavia bakes for the family.

Nero and Robert spend some quality time together.

Robert then uses his alien powers to recombobulate the broken laptop.

Sims are so easily drawn to watching others play instruments.

Robert is distracted by the appearance of Nikki. He kisses her.

Then gives her a massage for her sore back.

It’s Spooky Day, so we’re off to the festival.

Greeting card.

Cassius wins the pie eating contest against the Clark family. Tam is the boy at the table, Jessie the man facing away. Tam’s sister Deanne ran away to puke.

Cassius introduces himself to Tam right after the contest.

Lucia gets her face painted.

As do Octavia and Robert.

The only thing pregnant Nikki can do at the festival is bob for apples.

So she makes it count.

Lucia braved the haunted house, but finds it so scary she peed herself.

Nikki catches a Rainbow Butterfly.

She then asks Robert on a date, because she rolled the wish to do so.

Meanwhile, the four kids are going trick-or-treating. This is one of the few times I’ve had it work properly in-game, though they couldn’t actually find a house with someone in it.

Lucia is the blue alien at the door, Octavia the bunny, Cassius the superhero and Nero the clown.

Nikki and Robert went dancing.

Then upstairs to a photo booth. Photos and some fun times.

Plus some karaoke! Those animations are hilarious.

They have just been kicked out of the club at 3am when Nikki goes into labour.



One thought on “Drone 6, chapter 2

  1. Well, the question is, will this drone be done soon, or will it only be one baby??? I’m going to guess twins again, but it’s hard to know. 🙂 The kids are all cuate this generation. Very fun alien skin.

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