Drone 6, chapter 3

Previously, Nikki and Robert had another set of mixed twins, while Nikki made her way up the Medicine career ladder.

The kids were on their way to bed when their parents got home. I hate seeing them freak out like this.

A single baby girl. This is Claudia, she’s an Eccentric Coward who likes Violet.

Nikki gets a promotion the next day.

She then refills the fridge with food.

Robert is prone to doing this; ‘look out window’ is the action in his queue. Not sure which trait causes it.

action, on the other hand, is fun with the neurotic trait.

Lucia loves the drums.

Norris Vinter was brought home from school today; Nero is the one to befriend him, this time.

Robert always chooses the most random places to restore his brain-power.

Nikki is still working on doing as many unique upgrades as possible. Robert is playing in the time machine.

But they still make time for one another.

It doesn’t take long for Claudia to become a toddler. She has the default alien skin, but we changed it. I think that’s because this one doesn’t have a baby option.

Robert is into the training right away.

Cassius and Octavia both went to the Vinter house this afternoon. Cassius does his homework with Norris.

They have
five children in a two-bedroom house. I might have to help them into a bigger house.

Octavia befriends them via elixir.

Nikki earns another promotion.

Our first teenage aliens! I didn’t get in-game pics of them, but here are the CAS ones.

Nero is a Robert clone with Nikki’s eyes. His new trait is Diva.

Lucia is mostly Nikki, with Robert’s mouth. Her new trait is Flirty.

They jam with their parents in the basement.

Until Nikki stops to pop with her last pregnancy. Unfortunately, her future suit isn’t maternity-enabled.

She then goes up to teach Claudia to walk.

Robert wants to teach both twins to drive, so here we go.

Claudia is up to her books.

While Nikki writes new ones.

Deanne Clark visits the house today.

Both Octavia and Cassius play tag to befriend her.

Nikki finally maxed out the writing skill. That one is such a slog.

The teens no longer need sleep, instead they have brain power; they’re full aliens.

Freddie Berge is all grown up. These Aurora Skies townies make for some interesting faces.


10 out of 10 attraction, sold!

Freddie agrees and accepts her flirting.

She rolls up this wish.

But then Freddie goes off to work before we can fulfil the wish.

Now that they’re teens, the siren song of the instruments is much stronger.

Time for the last baby.

It’s a boy! This is Quintus, he’s Artistic and Friendly and likes Aqua.

All the sims love watching the babies in their swings.

Claudia works on her xylo.

I believe this is another vaccination clinic.

Once she’s done with the xylo, Claudia is relegated to the swing as well.

After the clinic, Nikki is only a fraction away from a promotion. So she goes over to her boss’ house to ask for a promotion.

And is successful!

The younger twins play on the swings. Despite the light, it’s afternoon and snowing.

During prom, Lucia gained a boyfriend.

While Nero decided he was gay.

Quintus aged up to toddler. With random blonde hair.

And taught himself to walk.

We have more teens, as well. Octavia’s new trait is Angler. She’s all Nikki with Robert’s eye shape.

Cassius now Loves the Cold. He’s a face clone of Lucia; all Nikki with Robert’s mouth.

The teens can help with the toddler training now.

The next day is Snowflake Day, so we’re off to the festival.

This will probably be the final greeting card for Robert. And I just realised as I was typing this up that I neglected to customise Quintus’ outerwear.

He then sleeps in the snow.

While Lucia gets her face painted.

And Nero plays for tips.

Octavia makes snow angels.

Robert teaches Cassius to drive.

And Nikki makes a snowman army. She made all of the ones in this picture.

That evening, it’s Claudia’s time to grow up. She adds Handy to her traits.

Robert plays video games all afternoon with the younger twins.

The older two have taken jobs in the Alien Test Subject part-time career.

Just your normal everyday morning in the Caetano household.

Nikki has now completed the Professional Author LTW.

It’s time to get romantic interests for the new teens. Tam Clark has conveniently aged up right on time. He and Octavia have compatible signs.

Flirting commences, and then we have a first kiss.

She immediately wishes to kiss him again.

So, wish fulfilled.

Meanwhile downstairs, Deanne Clark is also over. She’s grown up very nicely.

She accepts the flirting as well.

And he gets his first kiss.

Ms Eccentric Claudia has taken up inventing.

While Nero has maxed out his piano skill.

Octavia is putting her Natural Cook trait to good use.

Nikki is working on some more ice sculptures for her skill challenges.

Octavia chose to go out in the snow to play with the sprinkler.
Though it’s spring and the snow is melting.

By the time Nikki goes outside to upgrade the tattoo machine, all the snow is melted.

Lucia has now maxed out her drums skill.

And Quintus is now a child! His new trait is Savvy Sculptor.

Nikki earns another promotion. Just one more to max out the Medical career.

She then tutors Quintus for a few hours.

Enough to get 20 hours total and another skill challenge down.

RO ages up to elder. The older twins are almost YA, they will be able to take care of the younger ones if he dies before they’re all YA.

For once, I decided to have the drone break up with Nikki.

She reacted in a way I don’t think I’ve seen any other sim do. Too funny!

And he still accepts her experimental treatment. Sims are weird.

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