Drone 9, chapter 2

Time for some more shenanigans with Billy and Nikki!

Hunter does his TSAL.

While Nikki tries to play for tips.

Oops, but the baby is coming!

Billy was able to get to the library to look after Hunter, so Nikki could give birth at home. It’s another boy! This is Wolf, he’s Rebellious and Loves the Cold.

Ariana is now pregnant.

Nikki is working on her Street Art and Rebellious social group.

While Hunter finishes up his pegs.

Nikki’s also been working on her Science skill; she’s now made a forbidden fruit seed.

She and Billy also earn promotions on their next work days.

Full moon time!

Just coz it’s adorable.

Another skill maxed out.

And career to boot. Nikki is just raking in these points.

Now we switch to Ghost Hunter. Which she starts at L5.

Just to get the badass pics.

Wolf is a toddler who likes red and is a bit whingey.

Oops, burglar!

Nikki wastes no time cutting her down.

Meanwhile, Bailey is engaged.

Wolf learns to potty.

Then gives us a better show of his face. All daddy’s colouring.

Billy earned another promotion.

Then teaches Wolf to talk.

Nikki is out hunting ghosts and earning her own promotions.

Ariana had a baby boy!

Slowly working on those social groups.

Even though she’s maxed out the skill, we’re working on the skill challenges and building the rebel skill.

Hunter is now a child. His new trait is Virtuoso.

Wolf learns to walk. I think he’s the first child whom Nikki has rolled
zero wishes for. Good thing Billy rolled all of them.

Now time for Wolf’s TSAL.

While Billy interviews sims downstairs. How I hate the reports metric for the Law Enforcement career.

At home, Nikki and Hunter bond over video games.

Allowing Nikki to top out her Nerd social group (which she may have done previously… but as we know, it declines over time).

Amy has a new RI.

Hunter has taken to painting.

Nikki is working on her jock skill next.

Until Billy interrupts for some risky woohoo.

And a massage after.

He earned another promotion.

And Nikki topped out the rebel social group.

Lol Billy, you’re doing a snow angel wrong.

But he did get the funny moodlet.

Anton Vanillabeam came home with Hunter.

I checked his family tree; he’s Ariana’s son!

Billy needs athletic skill for work, so he’s tied to the treadmill.

While Nikki continues working on her skill challenges.

Wolf is now an adorable child. That skin looks interesting on him.

He rolled the Natural Cook trait, so it’s to the child oven for him.

Billy works on more reports.

While Nikki catches more ghosts.

And Hunter plays the piano. Took Mr Virtuoso long enough.

Lol, opposites attract?

Snowflake Day!

I think this is the first time we’ve had neither toddlers nor teens in a greeting card.

Nikki wants to go skating.

Wolf got his face painted, then works on an igloo.

Billy also wants face paint.

Hunter makes a snow angel.

Between he and Wolf, they make an angel army.

We got the whole family out skating.

Until Nikki popped with baby #3.

Rhianna is engaged!

While Amy is pregnant.

Billy got another promotion.

Pregnant soccer is fine, apparently?

5 thoughts on “Drone 9, chapter 2

      1. Problem is if I start a new one, I will be so tempted to not return to the Bean’s and I’m on the cusp of completing. Just have to get one of the kids to elder. Only 100 days to go in a hood that runs impossibly slowly with only 100 sims in it. Anymore than 75ish and they stop doing anything, and it takes 3 hours to get to the school.


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