Drone 9, chapter 4

A bit of a longish chapter for Billy’s last.

Billy helps Scarlett with her xylo.

Nikki is working on her laser rhythm-a-con skills – with her future pet for company.

Yes, we’ve added some ITF items to help work on Nikki’s Advanced Technology skill. The kids all love the sonic shower.

Time for Leisure Day. Even with this new save, the greeting cards are no longer working. I tried everything I could think of, including playing without mods – nothing helped. I’m not willing to rebuild the family from scratch, so we’ll just live without the pics.

Hunter pwned the others at the hotdog eating contest. And it’s about now I realised I didn’t customise the bathing suits of the children, oops.

Then all the kids have a water balloon fight.

Before the twins age up to teen. Natalia is gorgeous! She’s mostly Nikki, with Billy’s eye shape. Her new trait is Flirty.

Oscar’s new trait is Loves to Swim, thus he gets a surfer-style makeover. He has Billy’s eye shape, nose and mouth along with his colouring, with Nikki’s jaw, ears and cheekbones.

Billy continues to work on upgrading the appliances.

Neurotic Natalia wanted to brush her teeth three times, and chose the kitchen sink.

Oops. Another thing for Billy to repair.

I forgot to mention, but Nikki is now working in the Film career, and has already earned herself a promotion.

A look at all Scarlett’s hidden traits. Oh, such fun when your mother has been through almost every career in the game. Pyromaniac and Immune to Fire from the firefighter profession, Rocker from the Music career, Burglar from the Thief career, plus Can Apprehend Burglar (Law Enforcement) and Can Salute (Military).

Hunter is now a YA! And a very handsome one at that!

Natalia and Wolf play chess to help their skills and their friendship.

So many kids later, Nikki wants to
feel the baby as she grows it. And yes, we have a butler. She’s pretty useless.

Some more additions to town; Bria and Bevan Messorem.

See what I mean about the useless butler?

Pregnant hoverboarding? No problem!

Oscar learns to drive.

Only to be interrupted by Hunter’s graduation. A good chance to see everyone’s formal wear.

Nikki is following along slowly.

Diploma toss for the Valedictorian.

Now it’s Natalia’s turn to learn how to drive.

While Nikki befriends Matthew Hamming; celebrity friends are important when attempting to be a celeb yourself.

That evening, Scarlett ages up to child. Her new trait is Clumsy.

She’s immediately onto the telescope, as per her wishes.

Nikki is still working on her laser skill.

Oops, baby time first.

Billy’s final child is another girl. This is Charlotte; she’s a Good Couch Potato who likes Grey.

Dammit, I forgot about this downside of celebrity. Billy is off to sue for slander, even though it’s true.

I think I missed the picture, but he’s now an adult and going through a mid-life crisis. This is an easy wish to fulfil.

He looks quite handsome!

Blossom Messorem was also added to town; she has hooked up with Ballin Zane and they’re now engaged!

Homework party!

Nikki, Billy and Hunter earned promotions.

Wolf is now also a YA. His final trait is Vehicle Enthusiast.

After work, Nikki chatted with Beona Messorem, then went flying on the jetpack.

Billy is working on his celebrity skill as well, to see if it helps Nikki ascend the ladder. So he’s off dancing at all hours of the night.

I love the faces they make when they play this instrument.

Blossom and Ballin are now married.

And Roux Holly is engaged.

Billy maxed out both his Handiness and Charisma skills around the same time (thank you tabcast).

Charlotte is now a toddler. Soooo cute!

Wolf teaches her to potty.

Then to walk.

Hunter helps Scarlett with her homework.

The Messorems are finding love.

If I didn’t want Billy to complete the Electrician skill challenge, I’d have him make the dishwasher unbreakable; with so many people in the house, it breaks every other day.

Nikki earned another promotion.

Then she and Hunter relax with their respective instruments.

Billy teaches Charlotte her final skill.

Then it’s time for Wolf’s graduation.

Hunter decided to stay outside and play for tips.

Charlotte’s TSAL is finished up quickly.

Hunter has an opportunity to dance at the Aquarius, and he met Uxie Holly there. They’re both Virtuosos!

Then immediately rolled up this wish.

So I had them dance together.

Then some flirting.

And the first kiss!

He rolled up a wish to make out with her in the hot tub, so they jumped in to do that.

Then he rolled up these two.


Blossom is pregnant! I can’t wait to see what her baby looks like.

Spooky Day!

The older kids go apple bobbing with Uxie, whom Hunter invited.

While Nikki flies around with her jetpack.

Natalia got her face painted.

Once again, we have birthdays on the holiday; this time Scarlett is becoming a teen. Her new trait is Bot Fan.

She’s got most of Billy’s features, just with Nikki’s jaw and cheekbones. Nikki’s eye colour and random blonde hair.

I think Hunter is in love…

Charlotte and Nikki skill together.

And Nikki earns another promotion.

Then goes snorkelling in celebration.

Scarlett flexes her Evil side and steals candy from Charlotte.

But that’s the last time it’s going to happen, for it’s Charlotte’s birthday! Her new trait is Unstable. I’m glad she’s moving out, then!

She’s all Billy, with Nikki’s hair colour.

A super wild ride on the rocking horse.

Before Nikki breaks up with Billy and the brood move out. Time for the LAST drone!

3 thoughts on “Drone 9, chapter 4

  1. Woo, it still ended up only being 4 entries, but it felt like we spent longer with this drone. The kids are an interesting set of traits this time. Anothe fun update, and only on drone left, and that means I’m caught up to have you have written!!! YAY


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