Drone 10, chapter 2

Previously, Nikki met the final drone, Josh, and became instantly besotted with him. They had a baby boy named Connor.

We begin part two of Josh’s time with a promotion for him.

And this is Nikki scouting film locations. I’m still not sold on these extra tasks for the Film career; they don’t seem to increase the career bar much, so don’t know if they’re worth it?

Poor Josh came home stressed and in need of hydration. Bubble bath kills two birds with one stone!

Oops, but he was also exhausted. I keep forgetting the Military career starts earlier than most – he needs to go to bed before midnight.

A very formal Nikki continues working on programming recipes into the food synthesiser.

Oscar is engaged!

Because we own the Film rabbithole, Josh is listed as Nikki’s boss. Thus she’s asking him for a promotion.

And succeeds. Unsurprising, he can never say no to her.

When Nikki was done interrupting him, Josh went right back to playing with his baby boy.

I’m trying to leave him on free will as much as possible, given he’s not earning us any points. And, since he mostly wants to mess around with Nikki but she is being kept busy, he has to find other options for fun.

Nikki won an award!

So she went out celebrating afterwards. First a drink…

Then dancing on the counter. As you do.

I don’t know why I keep trying to get these greeting card photos. Still no luck.

But Josh did get to have some fun.

And even more fun when they got home. Finally fulfilling the ‘woohoo with’ that BOTH of them have.

Boop! Josh loves Connor.

Bevan and his girlfriend are pregnant!

Josh, maybe in the snow is not the best time to upgrade the hottub? Though, he does need to increase his handiness skill.

Meanwhile, Nikki is out dancing at yet another club. Gotta get those celeb points.

Toddler Connor! Random black hair and Nikki’s turquoise eyes – thus he also gets turquoise scales.

Josh finally has something productive to do; he’s on toddler training unless Nikki rolls the wish.

And I discover how annoying this penthouse is – the game says Josh can’t pick Connor up to put him back on the potty while he’s in the bathroom. They both have to go back out to the main living room to avoid route fails.

Cutie pie playing with blocks in the snow. I wish toddlers could change clothes by themselves without going to a dresser – like they can in TS4.

Pig-tailed Oscar got married! While Wolf found love with Beona Messorem.

And a second later, I get this notification. Poor Wolf 😦

Josh earned another promotion.

Connor taught himself to walk.

Then Josh scooped him up to teach him to talk.

Lol, nice pose, Josh!

He’s in danger of losing his mermaid-ness, so it’s time to swim in the ocean. Even if it is snowing.

Meanwhile, Nikki is dancing at a club again. In her athletic wear. Those celeb points won’t earn themselves.

Again, I have to wonder how the burglar could get into a penthouse apartment when the invited guests have to be buzzed up.

Never mind, Josh sorted things out.

Then earned himself a false rumour.

Look, no skill bar! A very pregnant Nikki has maxed out the bot building skill… without building an actual bot, lol. She does have a bunch of trait chips in her inventory for the career later. No, we don’t use ingredients for them – I’m not going to further break this save file by going to the future.

Bevan had a baby boy!

And immediately got his girlfriend pregnant again. Slow down, boy!

Scarlette is also pregnant.

And it’s Nikki’s turn to have a baby.

Meanwhile, Josh took Connor to the library for his TSAL.

Josh befriends the townies while he waits. What is this teenager doing at the library so late at night? It’s about 11pm by now.

We have a baby girl!

Actually, we have triplets. From L-R are Cassie, Lance and Jade. You’ll get their traits and colours when they age up.

Josh is so pleased to have babies in the house again!

He’s still working on his handiness skill by upgrading all the newer objects.

Nikki has
finally topped out her celebrity status!

And completed the Director career, earning the corresponding LTW.

Thus she immediately switches to Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous to complete that one, too.

And earns a Best Director award right away, because she’s amazing like that.

Scarlett is now engaged to her baby daddy.

With the babies safely in their swings, it’s time for Nikki to make her first bot!

Adjusting chip traits…

And we have another completed LTW. Nikki has given this unnamed bot Sentience!

I decided to keep the bot around for a little while, to help with the triplets. So they begin skilling logic while Connor does pegs and Nikki makes more trait chips.

Childcare is so much easier with another pair of hands.

Josh is busy upstairs, upgrading all the laptops. He’s done mostly electrical ones, since Billy did all the plumbing when they first moved in.

Damn, these routing issues are annoying. Connor can’t reach the block table, even though there is plenty of space on all sides.

Oh well, he’s a child now. His new trait is Over Emotional. That will be fun.

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